Ten Things I Did Today (Saturday)

  1. Took a shower using dishwashing liquid because I was out of body wash.
  2. Went to the commisary on the AFB with my sister so that we could buy groceries…and body wash.
  3. Raked 8 bags of leaves while I listened to Rehab by Amy Winehouse about 20 times.
  4. Went to the Prelinger Archives and listened to an episode of Nick Carter, Private Detective in the old time radio section.
  5. Read a few wordpress blogs.
  6. Posted some stuff on Tumblr.
  7. Ate some of that microwave popcorn that makes its own bowl.
  8. Looked at the 1000 piece put- together jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table and debated whether I should put it back in the box or just leave it there. I just left it there.
  9. Watched 4 episodes of a Project Runway marathon (season 2) on Style TV.
  10. Nodded off about 3 times while trying to write this post.

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