10 Things I’ve Learned from Watching “The Brady Bunch”

Forty + years of watching The Brady Bunch has really taught me a lot. I’ve learned that:

  1. A vertibrate has a back that’s straight.
  2. A parallelogram is a four-sided figure in which each pair of opposite sides remains the same distance apart.
  3. Baton Rouge is the Capital of Louisiana.
  4. Neat and Natural Hair Tonic turns your hair orange.
  5. If enough people from your family write to an advice columnist she’ll actually come to your house.
  6. Benedict Arnold walked with a limp.
  7. Chewing gum or running in the halls while Bobby is on Hall Monitor duty is probably not a good idea.
  8. A drosophilia has off-set eyes.
  9. Mice can eat through clothes hampers.
  10. It’s not the freckles, it’s just dumb old you.

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