Stuff I Did the Day Before the Time Change

Today was interesting, I guess. First we went to Kohls (the ‘we’ being me and my sister). In case you don’t know, Kohls is a discount clothing store. They had this really cool Beatles shirt that I wanted, but they only had one and it was in a medium. I’ve lost 50 lbs. over the past 7 months (currently 180), but I’m not quite a medium yet. I tried it on in the dressing room, but it was a tad bit snug. I don’t like tight clothes. I like looser fitting apparel. So I was like, “Damn, that sucks”. I ended up getting a black t-shirt with a picture of 9 Andy Warhol-like images of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out. It’s cool. I love Einstein. Here is my favorite picture of him.

His shoes are uber-fabulous.

In addition to the Einstein shirt I also got a pink polo shirt and a pastel blue polo shirt. They were cheap inexpensive.

After Kohls we went grocery shopping at Wal Mart. We usually go on Sunday, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Also, there’s a time change tonight so that might mess up our purchasing biorhythms (I didn’t even have to spellcheck biorhythms because I already know how to spell that bitch).

In addition to the same exact food that we always get, I got a box of carmel and walnut brownies. I also got some cream cheese frosting to go on them. You’re probably thinking, “Dude, didn’t you just say that you lost 50 lbs. and now you’re eating brownies”. Yeah, but I got that all worked out to where I can have brownies on occasion. Anyway, after I made them, in addition to the cream cheese frosting, I added some blue and gold sprinkles that I had left over from a President’s Day cake that I made last month. You might be wondering, “Who on earth makes a President’s Day cake”? Well, I do. Since I hate Valentines Day so much, I had to find another pseudo-holiday to make a cake for. I figured since I can name all 44 U.S. Presidents in order that it was the most logical choice. If I knew about trees then I guess I would make a frickin’ Arbor Day cake.

The rest of the day was spent working on a Saturday Evening Post jigsaw puzzle and watching an America’s Next Top Model marathon on Style TV. It was my favorite Top Model season. It was the one from the year that Danielle won. She’s from Little Rock, which is wnere I’m from (sentence ended with a preposition).

Anyway, I guess that’s about it. I mean as far as crap I did today.

Happy time change, unless you live in Arizona or those 5 counties in Indiana that don’t do it.




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