If It Bleeds, It Leads…Unless you live in Little Rock

Last night, the top headline on the local news was “Local Man Gets Shot in the Nose“. I was like, “Shot in the nose”? Is that even possible? I mean, guns are powerful things. If you’re shot in the nose then you’re pretty much shot in the whole face. Dontcha think? Why didn’t they just say “Local Man Gets Shot in the Face“?

Then they went on to say that it was an air gun. Air Gun? [insert picture of me rolling my eyes here]

Then they showed a video of some guy with a red bulbous nose. It looked more like an alcoholic sot nose than the nose of someone who got shot. Anyway, he was talking about his ordeal.

The next story was about a 14 year old accidently discharging a gun and killing a 12 year old. Okay, now that’s tragic. Why wasn’t THAT the lead story?

In Other News:
It rained all day yesterday and the lightbulb in my bathroom went out.


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