What Song is the Soundtrack to Your Life?

What song is the soundtrack to your life?

For me, the answer is easy. It’s Blue Train by John Coltrane. Blue Train is the first track on side one of Coltrane’s Blue Train album, released in 1957. It’s 10 minutes and 43 seconds in length and it’s genre is Hard Bop, a style of jazz.

Everything about that tune screams who I am; my feelings and my emotions. In particular, Lee Morgan’s stellar Trumpet solo.

Morgan was murdered in the early hours of February 19, 1972, at Slugs’, a jazz club in New York City’s East Village where his band was performing. Following an altercation between sets, Morgan’s common-law wife Helen More (a.k.a. Morgan), shot him in the chest while he was onstage. He died within minutes. He was 33 years old.

List of Songs on the Blue Train Album

Side One

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Blue Train”   John Coltrane 10:43
2. “Moment’s Notice”   John Coltrane 9:10

 Side Two

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Locomotion”   John Coltrane 7:14
2. “I’m Old Fashioned”   Johnny Mercer, Jerome Kern 7:58
3. “Lazy Bird”   John Coltrane 7:00

I suppose that my affinity for the song and that genre of music is based on propinquity. The album was recorded (Sept. 15, 1957) about 2 months after I was born. My childhood was rather jazz-like and beat-based. I always have been and probably always will be – like the music of John Coltrane – searching.

Da do-dee do dooooooooo…


8 thoughts on “What Song is the Soundtrack to Your Life?

  1. Great question, and great response. I don’t know what the song is for me now – but I know that it used to be “somewhere over the rainbow” particularly as sung by Judy Garland with the tremulous voice. Which wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Thinking I spent a leetle bit too much time trying to get over the rainbow in my youth!!

      1. me too. But I cry a lot in it. Why is that? It all works out. But I think its this sweet, ingenue movie set against the backdrop of Judy’s tumultuous real life.

  2. I was just trying to figure this out, this soundtrack question…I bet you have a cool life with Coltrane backing it. I am hardpressed to answer this one, but I do love the theme music to Midnight Cowboy, particularly the haunting harmonica. Miles Davis kills me, Sketches of Spain.

    Thanks for asking!

    1. I love the Theme to Midnight Cowboy. I was just listening to it the other day. I have it on my ipod’s favorite list.

      Miles is another of my faves.

      My life really isn’t THAT cool. I think that it’s just mostly in my head that it is.

      1. Well, if its cool in your head, that’s what counts 😉

        I love soundtracks…particularly from those old movies. Oh, I love the recording with John Coltrane and Theolonius Monk, it’s pretty cool. All the jazz from that time period kills me. A Love Supreme, A love supreme, a love supreme…that’s just jazz I guess.

  3. Even though Led Zepplin 1 was the first album I ever bought I’d have to say the entire Woodstock album-any song on it, but especially Soul Sacrifice by Santana. I turned 13 that summer and WOW, what a summer it was!

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