Bernadette Castro – A Girl in Love Forgives

Bernadette Castro (b. 1944, Manhattan, New York) is a New York politician and businesswoman who served in the Cabinet of former Governor George Pataki. She was the heir and former President and Chief Executive Officer of Castro Convertibles, a sofa business in New Hyde Park, New York. Castro sold the company to Krause Furniture in 1993. As a child, she appeared in commercials for the company.

Bernadette Castro recorded several singles in the 1960s for Columbia Pictures’ Colpix Records recording subsidiary including a girl group-style record which hit the national charts, “A Girl In Love Forgives.” Fans of the genre say this is one of the few girl group records that can compete with the Shangri Las’ and Ronettes’ best work. She released an additional single on Colpix called “Sports Car Sally,” popular among many girl group collectors for its hot-rod theme.


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