Your WordPress Gravatar Image – Friend or Foe?

Ugh! I am so sick of looking at my gravatar image that I can’t stand it. Every time that I log onto WordPress, there it is – me in the second grade. Whatever on earth possessed me to use THAT image is beyond me. Seriously, who wants to read a blog that looks like it was possibly written by a 7 year old malcontent. 

Obviously I was pissed off that day. But why? I really have no clue. I can’t remember that far back. It WAS 1964. Maybe it was the day that I found out that there was no S*nt* C*au* (I had to code that. Just in case some little kid is reading this. Doubtful, but possible). Or, maybe it was the day that I got an F on my vocabulary test.

Question: Use the word ‘Altitude’ in a sentence.
My response: The boy’s name is Altitude.

I used to do that a lot during vocabulary test. If I didn’t know the definition of a word I would just make it somebody’s name.

The girl’s name is Determine.
My cat’s name is Photosynthesis.
My mom and her friend, Mrs. Boulevard, went to the store.
My cousin Occasion likes to play with Barbies.

My logic was, “Hey, it’s possible. SOMEBODY could have that name.”

Of course the teacher never bought it. I would always get a big red X next to my answer. She eventually got tired of it and said, “Robert, if you don’t know the answer, just leave it blank”.

Or maybe I was pissed off that day because – yet again- my lunch consisted of  crushed up potato chips. For some reason I always ended up with the potato chip dust that’s in the bottom of potato chip bags.  I would open my Popeye lunch box and there would be a little baggie filled with nothing but potato dust.
I was jealous of my friends. They usually had those individual packages of potato chips. When I told my mom that I wanted the same she  – in lieu of the baggie – put a big rolled-up, dust-filled bag of Lays in my lunchbox. I was not amused.

Or maybe it was the day that I got in trouble for the infamous ‘Yo-Yo incident’. I used to have one of those Duncan Yo-Yos. However, I never used it the way that you are supposed to. I would grab the string and swing it around my head like it was a helicopter blade. My mom would be like, “BOBBY, STOP IT! You’re going to break something”.  And I would be like, “Nuh-uhh”.
Anyway, one day her prediction came true. I was whizzing the Yo-Yo around my head and it slipped out of my hand. It went through the living room window. 

That's not really my dad. That's just how he looked.

My dad was absolutely horrified. I got in MAJOR trouble for that. I mean SUPER-HUGE BIG touble.  My television privileges were revoked.  All of my toys that had the potential to smash plate glass windows were confiscated. All I was left with was some Silly Putty and a broken Slinky.

I still don’t understand the logic of impounding a Spirograph. It’s just a bunch of little plastic gears. What damage can THEY do?

At any rate, for whatever reason, I was obviously pissed that day. The day of the second grade school photo. Who would have thought that 47 years later if would end up as something called a gravatar on a thing called a blog that you get to via a thing called the internet.

I think that the reason for using that picture was to avoid recognition. A few years ago, as I was strolling through Caesar’s Palace, I was recognized by someone who had seen me in a YouTube video that I had uploaded. It was kind of strange. My YouTube videos rarely got hits, so it was very bizarre that one of the people who had actually seen one was in the same place as me.

I suppose that I could have used a picture of a tree or a flower or something as my gravatar image. Or, nothing at all. I’ve noticed that some people do that. IDK. I’m not that much of an expert on the correlation between gravatar images and potential blog readership.

All I know is that I’m sick of my gravatar image, but for some reason, just can’t bring myself to change it.


7 thoughts on “Your WordPress Gravatar Image – Friend or Foe?

  1. I actually found your blog because of that picture. I saw it on sombody else’s blog and thought “gee, that kid looks awful familiar.” But I couldn’t put my finger on who the photo reminded me of. Then it finally hit me-Ernie on My Three Sons! Ernie (Barry Livinston) played the adopted son but was actually the real brother of Stanley Livingston who played Chip. So there you go-your second grade picture found a new reader for your blog. Hope you don’t mind me thinking you resembled Ernie at that point in your life-that’s honestly how I got here.

    1. I used to get that all the time when I was a kid. It lasted until I was about in the 8th grade. It’s so funny because I watched that show this morning. Jerry Mathers (Beaver Cleaver) guest-starred in the episode and he had a moustache.

      1. Well, you could have been picked on for a lot worse things than looking like Ernie. Is the Beav really that much older than Ernie or was he just able to grow a moustache at 13? Beaver Cleaver, Will Robinson, Opie Taylor, Mark McCaine, Ernie-all seem to never grow a day older in my mind. Then when I see a bald, 57 year old Opie I feel like an old fossil.

  2. Wait, that picture really is you? I thought you searched all over the internet looking for pictures of surly, super-advanced geniuses, and after weeks of comparing them, settled at last on this delightful little tyke.
    I do not know if the truth or my version of it is more frightening.
    Seriously, we have all taken worse pictures than that. I myself was a rather unattractive baby, as the pictures early in my blog prove.
    Of course, we didn’t turn those pictures into our public persona.

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