Caesar, Potus, Blagojevich and Fabio

So today is March 15. The Ides of March. Et Tu, Brute and all that jazz. Today is the day that Julius Caesar got stabbed to death by all of those Roman Senators back in 44 BC.
I find it ironically apropos that Rod Blagojevich starts his 14 years prison term today. He gave his ‘farewell, I’m off to prison’ speech not too many hours ago. I wonder who his Et Tu homeboy was.

 Blagojovich was the 40th Governor of Illinois. He was indicted by the Federal Grand Jury in 2009. Most of the charges related to his attempts to sell the Senate seat vacated by then-President-elect Obama. He was found guilty on a majority of the charges. I won’t got into the specifics of  all the charges because:

  1. I don’t know what they all were, and
  2. It’s boring

If you saw him on Celebrity Apprentice, then you know that he doesn’t know how to use a computer or retrieve e-mail from his phone.
Anyway, he was sentenced to prison on Dec. 7 (Pearl Harbor Day), 2011 [insert Twilight Zone music here], and starts his ‘you have to serve 85% (or 12 years)’ term today.

In addition to all of the Blagojevich Brohaha, there are some pretty groovy celebrity birthdays occuring today.

Really? Like who?

Like Andrew Jackson, the 7th POTUS.

What the crap is a POTUS?

President of the United States.

Then that would make his wife the FLOTUS?

That is correct. FLOTUS and POTUS. Not to be confused with Flotsam and Jetsam; Flotsam being the actually wreckage of the ship and Jetsam being the crap that was tossed overboard in the time of distress.

Oh, kind of like the Titanic or Gilligan’s Island.

Yeah, kinda like that.

In addition to POTUS Jackson, who died in 1845 ( Requiescat in pace), it’s also Alan Bean’s birthday.

 Bean allegedly went to the moon during Apollo 12. He did some other space stuff too, but instead of going into it I’ll just refer you to the 2 numbered reasons at the top of the post –  when I talked about Blagojovich –  on why I will not. Anyway, he turns 80 today.

It’s also Howard Greenfield’s birthday. Greenfield was a lyricist and songwriter. He died in 1986 from complications due to AIDS.  Early in his career he was Neil Sedaka’s songwriting partner. In addition to writing a whole bunch of pop songs in the 60s, Greenfield also co-wrote the theme songs to Bewitched, The Flying Nun and Hazel.

Other Musicians born today include:

Phil Lesh, a founding member of The Grateful Dead
Mike Love of The Beach Boys
Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone
Ry Cooder
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister
Terence Trent D’Arby
Brett Michaels of Poison
Rockwell, who always feels like somebody is watching him
Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray
Mark Hoppus of Blink- 182
Joe Hahn of Linkin Park
and Young Buck, former member of G-Unit

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Fabio is celebrating a birthday, too.

P.S. If I ever have twins, I am going to name them Potus and Fabio.


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