Pop Culture Retro Television Quiz

1. Who played Mr. French on Family Affair?
2. Which Brady kid busted ‘mom’s favorite vase’?
3. Which real housewife of Beverly Hills played Prudence on Nanny and the Professor?
4. Which Gilligan’s Island castaway gained incredible sight after eating radioactive carrots?
5. On Perry Mason, what was Lt. Tragg’s first name?
6. Which 2 Partridge Family castmembers character’s name was also their real name.
7. Who potrayed Honey West on the tv show of the same name?
8. Who was the host of the 60s version of Jeopardy?
9. Who played the father on the 70s tv show Family, and who is his real life son.
10. Who played Festus on Gunsmoke?
11. How many seasons of the original Twilight Zone were there?
12. Who played the blind lady who briefly gained her sight on the pilot episode of Night Gallery?
13. Did Tom Selleck ever win an Emmy Award for portraying Magnum, P.I.?
14. What was the name of Ann Marie’s boyfriend on That Girl and where did he work?


 Name all 7 Walton kids from the tv show The Waltons.

1. Sebastian Cabot
2. Peter
3. Kim Richards
4. Mary Anne
5. Arthur
6. Danny and Shirley
7. Anne Francis
8. Art Fleming
9. James Broderick and Matthew Broderick
10. Ken Curtis
11. Five (Seasons 1-3, and 5 were a half hour. Season 4 was one hour)
12. Joan Crawford
13. Yes, in 1984
14. Donald Hollinger and he worked for Newsview Magazine.
Bonus Question:
John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Ben, Erin, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth


One thought on “Pop Culture Retro Television Quiz

  1. I miss Sebastian Cabot very much.

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