What is the First Album, 45, 8 Track, Cassette or CD That You Ever Got?


This is not what my tubby record looks like. This is just a picture that I got off of the internet.

The first record album that I ever got was Tubby the Tuba narrated by Sonny Fox. I got it for Christmas when I was 6. I still have it. It has my name in my first grade handwriting all over it. The music was done by The Cosmopolitan Symphony Orchestra. The liner notes on the back of the album state:

This totally new record series has been carefully designed to give your child a wholesome balance of pleasure and learning.

It also says:

Poor Tubby the Tuba plays in an orchestra and everyone makes fun of him because of his low, low voice. Tubby goes for a walk and meets a frog. That’s when the fun begins!
Find out how Tubby the Tuba becomes the star of the orchestra.

I haven’t listened to it in forever. Mainly because I don’t have a record player anymore. I remember the story though. Poor Tubby is depressed because all of his little instrument friends play melodies and all he does is go Oom-pa, Oom-pa. He goes into the woods (I think it’s the woods) and meets a frog. The frog teaches tubby how to play a melody. He goes back to the orchestra and plays it. Everybody loves it and he is the star of the orchestra.

When I was a kid the message I got from the record was, “Oh, if you want to fit in then you have to be like everybody else and play a melody. Being an Oom-pa type of person makes you an outcast”.

As a teenager, the first album that I ever got was The Partridge Family Album. I got it for Christmas when I was 13. That was also the same year that I got my first drum set. I would put on that album and play along with it. I though I was so cool. I would also play along to my dad’s Ventures records. 

The first album that I ever bought for myself  was Three Dog Night. When I bought it, it had already been out for a few years.


The first 45 rpm (or single) that I ever got was Downtown by Petula Clark. It was the first record that I ever remember hearing on the radio. My parents bought it for me because I used to sing it all the time. I guess they thought it would be better if they heard HER singing it instead of me.

The first 45 that I ever bought for myself was Hey Girl by Donny Osmond. The only reason I got it was because I Knew You When was on the flip side.

The first 45 that I ever played over and over to the point of having my mother burst into my room and scream, “Please stop playing that record”, was Heartbeat, It’s a Lovebeat by The DeFranco Family. She really hated that song.

8 Track:
My first 8 track was Jim Croce’s Greatest Hits. I never had very many 8 tracks. They really weren’t around for very long. The thing that I didn’t like about 8-tracks was how, on some of them, it would change tracks in the middle of a song. The song would fade out, change tracks, and then fade back it. The first time it happened I was like, “What is this crap”?
Also the quality wasn’t all that great. The tape would drag or get all jammed up in the player. For me it was probably because I never used that head-cleaning thing like you were supposed to.

The first Cassette I ever got was Buck Owens Greatest Hits. Another Christmas gift. I used to play it in the cassette recorder that I also received as a gift. The only song that I liked on it was Act Naturally. I would play the song, rewind it, play the song, rewind it. I don’t think that I ever actually listened to the whole cassette.

The first CDs I ever got were The Pointers Sisters Greatest Hits and a compilation album of theme songs from James Bond movies. I bought them at the same time. It’s when CD technology was relatively new. I still have both of them.

Most of the albums, 45s and cassette tapes that I had collected over the years were burned up in a house fire back in 1988. It was on 8/8/88 to be exact. That was the same day that Princess Beatrice from England was born. You know, Sarah Ferguson aka Fergie’s daughter.

I guess that I could also include the first itunes song that I ever downloaded, but unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was.


8 thoughts on “What is the First Album, 45, 8 Track, Cassette or CD That You Ever Got?

  1. This is a good idea. I wish I could remember the first album I ever got. I remember the first stereo. I remember most of the albums I bought as a teenager. I am going to have to think about this one.

  2. First Album as a child Sound Of Music

    As a Teen Satruday Night Fever and the next year Grease..lol

    First Single Wnadering Star..Lee Marvin

    First CD Jazz On A Summers Day only because I lost the cassette.

    First Cassette, it was a complilation of chart hits for 1979 (UK)

  3. It was just me and my father when I was growing up, so the only music came from a transistor radio until I bought a record player. I remember hearing “Poke Salad Annie” by Tony Joe White over and over and over. The first album I ever bought was Led Zepplin one and I think that the first 45 was “Ruby Tuesday” by the Stones. That was in the summer of 69 when I was 13. I can’t remember what 8 track or cassette I had first.

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