Pictures I Took of the ‘hood

I wrote on the Before I Die wall. I went with the obvious and wrote “See The World”.

I like Little Rock because of the older buildings. Sometimes you can walk down the streets in the middle of the day and be the only person around. You almost feel like a ghost. It’s eerie.


4 thoughts on “Pictures I Took of the ‘hood

  1. I guess I never pictured Little Rock as a city with skyscrapers. Not sure why not. I think it’s great that you can be alone in such a place but can also imagine it might feel a bit like a Twilight Zone episode. Maybe like “Stopover in a Quiet Town.”

    1. Downtown Little Rock has quite a few tall buildings.
      You’re right. Sometimes when I’m downtown it does feel a little bit like “Stopover”. It’s really eerie if you’re down there when they are testing the tornado siren.

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