You Know You’ve Watched Too Much TV When…

...and the potato people have eyes ALL over their bodies.

I was watching some tv show the other night – it could have been Hawaii Five-0, but I’m not really sure. Anyway, somebody was giving out a phone number for some reason. It was 555-6161. I was like, “Hey, that’s the phone number that Bobby calls on the Brady Bunch when he’s trying to get on the Kartoon King show so that he can be in that ice cream eating contest”. It was also the Brady’s HOME phone number in one or two of the other episodes. They also had another phone number. It was either 867-0799 or 876-0799. I can’t remember which one it was. Anyway, that was the number the Jan gave when she called the operator and asked her to call back to see if their phone was working properly in the George Glass/ Jan’s fake made-up boyfriend episode of the BB.

This is creepy. On the Davy Jones (RIP) episode of the BB, Marcia goes to the Hank Colman Show at the tv studio because she thinks that Davy Jones is there. In the Slumber Party episode of the BB, when they are playing Truth or Dare, one of the girls asks another girl is she has ever been kissed by Hank Colman. Ewww. Inappropriate.

Another observation. The saleswoman who sells Jan the black wig in that one episode where Jan buys the black wig because she’s sick of looking like Marcia and Cindy is the same lady who is Marcia’s teacher in the Davy Jones episode. She must have been moonlighting or something. IDK.

Here’s another thing. In the Marcia makes over Molly episode (My Fair Opponent), Marcia refers to some girl as Patty Hobart, and Molly refers to her as Sally Hobart. I’m like, “Well, is it Patty or is it Sally”? Pick a name and stick with it. Gee whiz people.

Also, in that Romeo and Juliet episode where Marcia gets the role of Juliet and turns into an obnoxious prima donna, Jan and Peter get the roles of palace guards. Their line is “Hark, who goes there’?  You know what? I don’t ever remember that being in Romeo and Juliet. And I’ve read it like 5 times. Way to go BB writers. Teach kids incorrect Shakespeare why don’t you.


7 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Watched Too Much TV When…

  1. That’s funny. I wonder if Jan Brady was trying to get ahold of someone in Marlborough, New Hampshire. Their number starts with 876-.
    You make me feel better about the amount of TV I’ve watched in my lifetime. I don’t think it can ever compare to yours.
    I thought you’d lose everything if you changed themes in mid blog?? Nice to know that won’t happen.

  2. And as I recall at the end of Romeo and Juliet, Alice commented that Peter said Who goes there before Jan said Hark or vicey versey.

    I love a man who knows his pop culture.

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