Chalkboard Dreams – Stuff People Wrote on the “Before I Die” Wall

Whenever I’m in downtown Little Rock I like to look at the Before I Die Wall. Today I decided to take some pictures of it. My See the World is no longer there. It has been erased and replaced with someone else’s dream.

Kill a ?
Come out to my family
Be a blessing 2 as many people as I can
Love some1
Find Danick’s killer

Help Trayvon Martin
Be loved!
Graduate med school
Explore the World
Be the coolest Auntie ever
Eat a jar of baby feet
Get married

Smile with ? due to ?
Become successful!
Get justice for Trayvon Martin
Be in love (for real)
I want to be bless with mighty wealth get married HC
Be Loved
Be a hair stylist
Fullfill my destiny
Kill Justin Bieber
Be a ‘cool’ mom
Would like to meet a nice black lady asap 6185180

Be rich
Be a blessing to as many as I can
Travel to New York
Know who I am
Be a football player
Experience God’s love through as many of his people possible
Move to Alaska
Get a raise just once
Live my purpose!!!!!

Wiggle my jiggle
Have sex in every state
Meet Hank
Buy good ???
Fly a jetpack
Get saved
Walk/swim to China
Help others
Give my money to society

Have all politicians arrested!!
Live life to the fullest
Touch the lives of billions
Be a hero in someone’s eyes
Spit in the face of the Masons
Own a bakery in my grandmother’s name

Travel the world in 80 days
Use snap-on tools
Read all Anthony Trollope
Have fun in Italy!
Go to Europe
See Tal??? ( I’m guessing that is supposed to say See Taylor Lautner)
Go scuba diving
Have a penguin
Marry Layne Bernardo
Be in wolf gang

Love Kristin 4evr
Love Malachi 4evr
Be recognized
Stop smoking (crack)
Destroy Occupy LR
Hike the Annapurna
Grow a beard
See my lil girls
Love somebody
Find love and be happy
Hot air balloon over New Zealand


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