10 Stops in a Time Machine. Where Do You Go?

One time somebody asked me:

What 1o places would you go if you had a time machine?

I had to think on it. It’s hard to pick only 10 out of what seems like an infinite amount. I think I finally have my list.

1. Dealey Plaza on the day of the Kennedy assassination.

2. The Armory Show of 1913

3. The basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters the day the Oswald was shot.

4. With van Gogh when he painted The Starry Night

5. Ford’s Theater when Lincoln was shot.

6. Woodstock, so that I could see Jimi Hendrix perform
(I was only 12, so I didn’t get to go)

7. Lakehurst, New Jersey when the Hindenburg caught fire.

8. The Ed Sullivan Show for The Beatles first appearance.

9. On the set of Twenty One when Charles van Doren defeated Herbie Stempel.

10. On the Moon in the Sea of Tranquility on July 20, 1969
(Because I want to know for sure if it really did or didn’t happen)


7 thoughts on “10 Stops in a Time Machine. Where Do You Go?

  1. This question is tougher than it should be, but I’d have to replace seeing the Kennedy assasination with seeing Pink Floyd Live. And then I’d replace Ford’s Theater with the birth of my kids. But that would be two in place of one, so then I’d have to let the game show go. Hendrix, Vincent, the Beatles and the moon landing would have to stay.

  2. I’ve seen Starry Night up close. I have to say it moved me. For me I would want to go back to April 4, 1968. I really wanted to be a part of the Civil Rights Movement. I was born on April 3, 1968 and feel a kinship with MLK Jr. My father was a state trooper and had to work in Detroit for a short time after the assassination. If he hadn’t been assassinated I wouldn’t have been adopted by my family. I owe him my life, really….

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