Drum Taps by Whitman


When the first days of August loured over the world, time seemed to stand still. A universal astonishment and confusion fell, as upon a flock of sheep perplexed by strange dogs. But now, though never before was a St. Lucy’s Day so black with “absence, darkness, death,” Christmas is gone. Spring comes swiftly, the almond trees flourish. Easter will soon be here. Life breaks into beauty again and we realize that man may bring hell itself into the world, but that Nature ever patiently waits to be his natural paradise. Yet still a kind of instinctive blindness blots out the prospect of the future. Until the long horror of the war is gone from our minds, we shall be able to think of nothing that has not for its background a chaotic darkness. Like every obsession, it gnaws at thought, follows us into our dreams and returns with the morning. But there have been other wars. And humanity, after learning as best it may their brutal lesson, has survived them. Just as the young soldier leaves home behind him and accepts hardship and danger as to the manner born, so, when he returns again, life will resume its old quiet wont. Nature is not idle even in the imagination. It is man’s salvation to forget no less than it is his salvation to remember. And it is wise even in the midst of the conflict to look back on those that are past and to prepare for the returning problems of the future.

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But is it Safe???

Last night I fell asleep with the tv on channel 1753. That’s FSDAHD. It’s the channel that the Rangers/Yankees game was on.

At 4 am I woke up to:

It’s a vaccuum erection system!

According to the guy on TV, I’m crazy if I don’t use it.


It’s even covered by Medicare.

The guy says I can have my cake and eat it too.
Whatever that means.

Why take the best part of your life out of your life?

If you have a brain in your head call this 1-800-number.

Now, a new infomercial starts. This one is for Vacurect.

Hmmmm...It looks complicated.

It’s not a pill or an injection¬†It’s a registered FDA Medical Device.

It requires no physical coordination to use it.¬† Oh good, because I’m a Klutz.

The Vacurect has a 96% success rate. The Pos-T-Vac only had a 95% success rate.

The Vacurect is from Bonro Medical.
They can’t fool me. Bonro is the misspelled anagram of boner.

There are 2 models:
RX Model 1001
OTC Model 1002

Restoring intimacy is just a phone call away. What are you waiting for?

WOW!!! You must have a Vacurect!