12 Things

  1. The new recycling thing starts today in our area. Now, I have to push 2 trash bins up a hill. That’s what happens when you live in a subdivision called Woodland Hills.
  2. Mike Wallce died over the weekend.
  3. Lou Ferrigno got fired from Celebrity Apprentice. I kind of felt sorry for him.
  4. Yesterday was Easter. I didn’t eat any candy or dye any eggs.
  5. The Amazing Race was 50 minutes late in starting. The Masters ran over.
  6. The Nationals lost to the Cubs yesterday. I was disappointed. LaRoche homered in the top of the 9th. I was hopeful. Then, Marmol relieved Samardzija. He walked Werth and I was hopeful, again. Nady fouled out and it was over. 4-3.
  7. No Bobby Petrino news over the weekend. Respite. Yippee.
  8. Nancy Grace is on tv. She makes me want to vomit.
  9. Speaking of vomit, the dog threw up on the carpet yesterday.
  10. I am so glad that Mad Men is back on.
  11. I pushed the ‘like’ button on 3 blog posts this morning. Two were photos and 1 was a review of the audiobook of Stephen King’s The Stand.
  12. Today is Hugh Hefner’s birthday. He turns 86.

5 thoughts on “12 Things

  1. Where do you live? I’d be psyched to only have two bins! I have garbage (every other week), recycling (2 one for glass and one for everything else), yard debris (every week), compost bucket is dumped in with yard debris.

    I love Mad Men!

    I wish ol’ Hugh would go softly into that good night….not die but stop being such a pervy old geezer…

    Nice list!

    1. I live in Little Rock. They used to have that separate bins thing and only came about once a month. Now, there is just once big container for everything and they come every 2 weeks.

      I know what you mean about Hef.

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