Anyway, That Was My Morning

I just got back from the store. I walked. It’s not that far and I get some exercise. Probably my only exercise.

Anyway, I went to the EZ Mart to cash in some lottery tickets that I had. It totalled 21 bucks, so I bought 11 more. I ended up getting $34 off of them. I figure that if that keeps happening, I’ll eventually become a millionaire.  It all started with one $2 ticket a while back.

On the way there I saw one of those Liberty Tax people. I thought about taking a picture of the guy, but decided against it. He was wearing a costume like that —->>>
Personally, I think that it looks nothing like the Statue of Liberty. Frederic Bartholdi is probably turning over in his grave. IDK.

I see the Liberty people every time that I go out. If it’s a guy Liberty then he wears that hideous mask. If it’s a girl Liberty she uses her own face.
The guy Liberty that I’ve been seeing on the street corner for the past week or so has been holding up a sign that says “Honk if you hate the IRS”. I thought that was weird. Is that supposed to draw people in? The sign looks hand made, so I’m wondering if all the Liberty street corner people have it, or if it’s just some rogue guy doing it. Beats me.

Sometimes the Liberty person has to compete with the Little Caesars person. Sometimes they wear a Little Caesar costume. Other times they just hold a foam guitar and pretend to play it. I don’t know what the deal is with the guitar. It’s extra fabulous if they are both on the same street corner as the big green blow-up Frankenstein. I don’t even know what the Frankenstein is advertising. It doesn’t say.  It’s just a big green blow up thing. It’s not quite as scary as those creepy wiggle people. You know…the ones that they blow the air through and make them dance.  Those things are weird.

Sometimes I see this sign on the street corner.

So much for being ecumenical.

About 2 months ago there were some anti-abortion activists on the corner of the entrance to my neighborhood, holding up signs with very graphic pictures. I was like, “You are totally in the wrong neighborhood. Just about everybody around here was alive when Eisenhower was president, so I’m pretty sure they are no longer capable of becoming pregnant”.

On the way back from the store I stopped at the Goodwill. They must have gotten some more books in. I bought Chesapeake by James Michener, The Evening News by Arthur Hailey and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The Hinton book was paperback, but the other 2 were hard cover. The total cost was $4.50.
There was some guy in the store with 3 little kids. They were looking at the vhs tapes. He kept saying to the kids, “Do you have this one? Do you have this one? Do you have THIS one”? Drove me crazy. Dude, SHUT UP!!!  They eventually left the book/vhs section and met up with the mother, or whoever it was. She had been shopping in the clothes section. Anyway, on the way out she bumped into me with her shopping cart.

Anyway, that was my morning.


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