10 Thoughts – A Semi-Tragic List

  1. This morning, the lady at the EZ Mart tried to tell me that 1/2 of 34 was 16. I was like, “No, it’s 17”. She said, “No, I’m pretty sure it’s 16”. I said, “No, it’s 17”. She was emphatic. IT”S 16! Finally she got it. Lady, just how many people do you cheat with your bad math?

    Hmmmmm, you must know that lady from the EZ Mart.
  2. I bought 2 books this morning. Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak and Caribbean by James Michener.
  3. Last night, they interrupted The Biggest Loser with a ‘Bobby Petrino got fired’ press conference. It’s all over the local news and ESPN. Shut up! I’m over it.

    Just stop talking about it!!!
  4. Last night, when I watched Body of Proof, the last 5 minutes made me laugh hysterically. Not because it was funny, but because it had the most contrived Deus ex machina ending.
  5. Tonight is pizza night.
  6. I ran out of body wash, so I had to resort to a back-up bar of Irish Spring. Sure it’s manly, but I like it too. In 1986, the soap changed its formula, including a different scent, and adding skin conditioners. OMG, I HAD NO IDEA!!!
  7. The manager at the David’s Hamburgers place is SO WEIRD and creepy. The last time I went there, he kept shoving free samples of gelato in my face. I was like, “I don’t want it”. Then he saw my hat. “You’re an Alabama fan? No dude, it’s an Arkansas hat. He kept smiling and staring at me. Kind of like he was trying to induct me into his cult or something. They try too hard to be friendly there. There IS such a thing as being overly-friendly. Be attentive but know when to back off.
  8. I need to buy more light bulbs for the ceiling fan in my bedroom.
  9. It rained last night.
  10. I hate when I can’t find a song I want on itunes. I thought they were supposed to have everything.

    I'm sorry, but we don't have that Andy and David Williams song that you are looking for.

5 thoughts on “10 Thoughts – A Semi-Tragic List

  1. There is no AC DC on I Tunes. Just letting you know because I tried to compile the best rock songs of the 70s, and it was no big loss, but they should have had at least one song in there. I didn’t figure out which one.

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