Keeping Up With the Bob-dashians

  1. Last night I ate at the Buffalo Grill across the street. I had a footlong chili dog w/fries and a beer. Later, I had a pina colada.
  2. Boston beat the Rays 12-2. Oh, they finally won again.
  3. CSI and Blue Bloods weren’t on last night because of some Lionel Ritchie thing (really?), so I watched Cold Case on the Ion channel. They played Baby I’m a Want You by Bread, so I had to put it on my music video blog.
  4. Today is grocery shopping day.
  5. Yesterday was Friday the 13th and nothing bad happened. *knock on wood*
  6. The weather guy says that there is potential for tornadoes over the next few days. 😦  Just stay away from here. k.
  7. I finished by book Wheels last night. It was about the auto industry. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.
  8. My sister’s friend, Mike, is coming to visit in a few weeks. His brother just got out of rehab. Anyway, we are supposed to go to Tunica. Maybe I’ll take pictures.
  9. I really hate those commercials with the 2 Sonic guys. They irritate me.
  10. It’s the weekend therefore Jeopardy isn’t on. That means that I won’t do a final Jeopardy post. Therefore, my stats will suck. Most of my views come from the Jeopardy posts. Some people ACTUALLY google that.

    See you tomorrow
    See you tomorrow.

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