That Lazy Ass Pulitzer Board Couldn’t Even Pick a Fiction Winner. Whaddup With That?

I guess the Pulitzers were awarded yesterday. No prize was given for Fiction. I wonder why. There were some finalists, but nobody won. I don’t get it. Geesh, just pick one. How hard it that? Close your eyes and point. Or pick somebody out of a hat.

The last time that it happened that no one won for fiction was 1977. In that year, the fiction jury had recommended A River Runs Through It by Norman MacLean, but the Pulitzer Board just decided not to give it to anybody. Bitches.

This is an except from an article about there not being a Fiction winner this year (2012)

For fiction, the finalists, revealed at the same time as the award announcements, were Train Dreams by Denis Johnson (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), Swamplandia! by Karen Russell (Knopf), and The Pale King by David Foster Wallace (Little, Brown). But the judges, for only the ninth time since the prize’s inception in 1918, did not award a winner. Susan Larson, Maureen Corrigan, and Michael Cunningham were this year’s fiction jury.

 Larson, interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition, stated that the jury was “shocked, angry, and very disappointed” that the Pulitzer board did not select a winner. In the interview, Larson said she and her two fellow jurors read over 300 books for the prize and that the board’s deliberations “are confidential and they don’t give us feedback.” The hope now, Larson said, is that people will now “read three books instead of one.”

I personally think that a few crappy books have won in the past, so why should this year be any different? Beats me.

There was also no award given in Editorial Writing.

The upside I guess is that, on my quest to read all of the Pulitzer Fiction winners, I have one less to read.


4 thoughts on “That Lazy Ass Pulitzer Board Couldn’t Even Pick a Fiction Winner. Whaddup With That?

      1. Maybe we should be glad that there is not a rush to just give it away if they don’t think anyone deserves it. We did that with gold stars in preschool and look what happened.

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