Urban Legends, Mistakes and Misheard Lyrics (Why I Bought Those Records)

When I was in high school, there was an urban legend that a girl got murdered in the studio while they were recording Love Rollercoaster, and that you can actually hear her screaming in the background as she is being murdered. That’s actually the reason that I bought the record. I used to play in over and over so that I could hear the girl get murdered. Boy, was I stupid. It didn’t occur to me until years later that the screaming in the song was supposed to be someone on a rollercoaster. duh. Anyway, it happens at about 2:31 in the video.

I bought this Rosemary Clooney record, back in the day, because supposedly during the harpsichord solo, the sheet music fell on the harpsichord players hands as he was playing, and he goofed up. I don’t know how much truth there is too it, but that’s what I heard anyway. It happens at around 1:19 during the triplet chords part of the solo.

Dale and Grace

The reason that I got this record – I’m Leaving it Up To You by Dale and Grace – is because, supposedly (and I’m thinking that it’s true because the Billboard Hot 100 book said it was true, and they wouldn’t lie) the music for the strings in this song was written a step lower than it was supposed to be. By the time they realized it, the song had already been recorded. But the main guy, whoever that was, liked it and told them to go ahead and put the song out anyway. It went to number one.

The song spent two weeks atop the easy listening chart that same year. This was the number one song on the date President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Dale and Grace were in Dallas, Texas, on the day of the assassination and scheduled to perform that night as part of Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars (with Bobby Rydell, Jimmy Clanton, and Brian Hyland), and had actually waved to the president’s motorcade from a vantage point near their hotel moments before the assassination.

P.S. This song was also done by Donny and Marie. I think their string players were in the right key though.

I also bought Another Bites the Dust by Queen because my sister told me that when you play it backwards it says decide to smoke marijuana and Rapture by Blondie because I thought she said And his fingers f**ked me, instead of And it’s finger popping.


2 thoughts on “Urban Legends, Mistakes and Misheard Lyrics (Why I Bought Those Records)

  1. I heard that someone died riding a rollercoaster and they included the scream on the record.
    You forgot about Steve Miller Band’s “Big Ol’ Chad Had a Lino”.

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