In Lieu of Something Important To Blog About

1. The number one search on my Yahoo was Miley Cyrus. Like an idiot I clicked on it. Apparently she was rushed to the hospital after cutting her finger while cooking and using a blender. She got stitches. Her rep said that she is “doing fine”. Really? Are you sure that she isn’t going to go into a coma or, even worse, die? Geeze Louise! It’s not like she got run over by a bus or something. She cut her finger. BIG DEAL! People do that every day.

2. Those American Idol judges really irk me. They are so noncommittal and wishy-washy. The expect you to be LaToya Jackson on the Psychic Hotline when it comes time to vote. They say, “Vote for the best”! Hmmmm…just who is the best? Please tell us. Don’t beat around the bush. If you don’t like a certain contestant just say, “America, so and so sucks. Don’t vote for them.” Problem solved.
P.S. – Why must Joshua Ledet sing every song like he’s possessed by the Holy Spirit?
P.S.S. – Why do I even watch this show???

3. The Nationals were the first MLB team to get to 10 wins. Yay! That’s my team. The Rangers also did it a few hours later.

4. The lady next door – who’s super-weird btw – is having a garage built. They’ve been working on it for TWO MONTHS. You need to hurry up and finish that shit, because I am sick on the banging and having to listen to mariachi music.

5. Yesterday, I came across what could possibly be the worst music video/song of all time. It’s atrocious. It’s even more hideous than the squacking and out-of-tune clarinets played by 11 and 12 year olds that I was subjected to on a daily basis when I taught Middle School Beginner Band years ago. It amazes me that this piece of crap was actually supervised by adults. As Dr. Smith from Lost in Space would say, “Oh the pain, the pain”!

They put Jack Kervorkian in prison for crimes less horrendous than this.


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