From the “I Was Bored” Archives

This is my head on Tom Jones’ body.

This is my head on Trini Lopez’s body

Here I am coming out of the closet.

Here I am lighting Perry Mason’s cigarette.

It’s like Mr. Howell and I were separated at birth.

Greetings from the Oswald assassination.

My next mission


9 thoughts on “From the “I Was Bored” Archives

    1. I screen captured individual dvd frames onto the computer. I would copy the the paused dvd frame, advance it, pause it and copy that frame, advance it, etl. I then took the individual frames and pasted my head on each one. Then I sequenced the frames in a gif maker. I used the one on lunapic. Thanks for liking it. It took a while to get the closet one just right.

      1. If you have a dvd in your computers cd rom and then push the print screen button (screen capture) on your computer (mine is at the top), it will copy the image. If you go into the paint program (most computers have them) and push ‘paste’, it will copy the image onto the paint program. You can then save it and it will be in your computers picture file. Anyway, that’s how I do it.

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