Remembering “The Rich List”

A while back I did a post about how I got on The Rich List. Now, I guess I’ll talk about what happened when I was on the show.

I sat in my dressing room watching the tv monitor. Bill and Ray were slaughtering all of the other teams. I kept thinking that there is no way that I could win against them. They has just won $250,000 in the bonus round because they were able to name all of the U.S. States and Territories that didn’t have an A in their name.

Some lady wearing a headset came into my dressing room and said, “OK Bob, you’re up”. She led me out into the hallway and into a corridor that led to the studio. I had already had my makeup applied (just some powder on my shiny forehead) and been checked by the wardrobe lady to make sure that I wasn’t wearing a tie or any clothing that would strobe on camera. I wasn’t. Some guy came over and fitted me with a microphone. He ran the wire under my shirt and hooked the microphone onto the lapel. He hooked the battery pack to the back of my pants.

I stood looking into the studio from backstage and waited for instructions. Some guy came over and instructed my on what to do when I was cued to walk up to the podium and meet both the host of the show and the person who had been picked to be my partner. Since winning was based of a collaborative effort with someone that I had never met, I was a little scared. I was hoping that I wasn’t paired up with some bimbo who didn’t know anything.

While I was waiting I saw a girl out of the corner of my eye. She was on the other side of the stage waiting just like me. I assumed that she was the person that I had been paired up with. She was everything that I hoped that my partner WOULDNT be; Young, Blonde, Beautiful and Female. I know that’s prejudice, but I can’t help it. I guess that in my mind I had Einstein envisioned as my partner.

The music started and the emcee, Eamonn Holmes announced, “Our next contestants are Bob B. and Jessica Rush”. I walked along the route that I had been instructed to walk and tried to match Jessica’s pace by watching her from the corner of my eye. She did the same. We arrived at the podium at the same time and shook hands. We introduced ourselved to each other. Jessica stated that she was a nanny and that her area of expertise was pop culture. I stated that my area of expertise was literature, history and geography.

After we did our introductions I took a hold of Jessica’s hand and we headed for our soundproof booth. I had just opened the door and I heard someone yell, “Cut”! We were informed that there was a technical difficulty with the filming. We had to go back to our starting point and do the whole thing over again. Several times. It’s kind of hard to be spontaneous and sound unrehearsed on the third try.

Earlier, both Jessica and I had been instructed that the only time that we were allowed to talk to each other was when we were discussing our answers to the questions. Come to find out, we were both big blabbermouths and that caused problems later on down the line.

The first category that we were given was James Bond movies. Oh Good. I knew James Bond movies. The team of Bill and Ray said that they could name 7. Without even consulting Jessica, I opened my big mouth and said 13. She looked shocked. The emcee informed the other team that we said we could name 13 and they stopped their bidding and told us to name them. I knew all of the Sean Connery James Bond movies, and spouted them all off before Jessica could even say anything. I still had it in my mind that she didn’t know anything. Lucky for me, however, she knew all of the more current James Bond movies and was able to name them. We had named 12. One more to go. I went blank and so did Jessica. The clock was ticking. Finally Eamonn Holmes said, “Bob and Jessica, you need to hurry. Time is running out”. I muttered under my breath, “Damn, I wish he would stop rushing us”.
Then a lightbulb went off in my head. Rushing. Russia. From Russia With Love. I had forgotten From Russia With Love. I spouted it out just in the nick of time. We won the round. We also won the next round, but I can’t remember what the category was. We were the new champions and Bill and Ray were sent packing.

In the bonus round our category was Songs from the Grease movie soundtrack. Jessica was ecstatic. “I did Grease on Broadway”, she said. Come to find out Jessica wasn’t a nanny. She was an actress.

I told her, “Okay, but they want songs from the movie soundtrack. Not Broadway. Some of the songs are different”. We named 3 for $10,000. Then we named 3 more for $25,000. We decided to keep going. I had 3 more songs in my head. Then, as we were going for $75,000, Jessica said “Summer Lovin'”. WRONG! The name of the song is “Summer Nights”. We were informed of the error and lost all of the money that we had accumulated. Jessica started to cry. “I’m so sorry”, she said. My heart sank. “That’s okay, we’ll do it next time”.

At this point the filming stopped and we were taken to an interview room. We were asked questions like, “What does it feel like to have beaten the 3 times champions”? “How do you like each other as partners”? etc, etc. Clips from our interview were to be inserted into the show right before the commercial breaks.

Our next opponents were 2 girls whose names I can’t remember. That whole game happened so fast. When the 2 girls entered the stage to introduce themselves, Jessica and I were already seated in the champions booth. They entered their booth and the game began. We beat them in both games and became the champions again. One of the categories was Aaron Spelling Productions. The 2 girls were the ones naming them. The only one that I could remember was Charlie’s Angels. Jessica wasn’t too up on that category either, so we had deferred the naming to them. I can’t remember how many they had to name, but they were doing pretty well. All of a sudden one of the girls said “Gunsmoke”. I knew that was wrong. That ended it for them.

I can’t remember what our bonus round category was for that round, but we won money this time. I remember thinking, “Good, at least I got something out of this”.

After that win there was a break in filming. We had to go back to our dressing rooms and change clothes. Different episode, different outfits. We had been instructed to bring 3 changes of clothes with us. More makeup was applied and microphones were reattached. The microphone guy kept readjusting my clothes and tucking in the back of my shirt.

Our third set of opponents were 2 younger guys. I had seen one of them in the hotel lobby earlier that morning. He was waiting to be picked up, just like me. When I first saw him in the lobby of the hotel, he was pacing back and forth talking to himself. I had him pegged as a Rich List contestant, too. None of the show contestants were supposed to come in contact with each other outside of the studio. I don’t think that he even saw me and we didn’t talk to each other, so I guess it didn’t matter that I saw him. He wore a goofy headband.

When they entered the studio to introduced themselves, I whispered to Jessica, “I know that guy with the headband. I saw him in the hotel lobby this morning.” As his partner walked by on his way to the podium, he looked up into our booth and gave both Jessica and I a thumbs down. The audience went, “Oooooooooo”. Jessica said, “That wasn’t very nice”. I just rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at the the guy. The audience laughed.

Our first category was Countries of the World that start with the letter C. I whispered to Jessica, “Oh honey, we got this”. I had memorized all of the countries of the world in alphabetical order. It was one of the first things that I had done when I found out that I was going to be on the show. Jessica said, “Good, because I only know 3 or 4”.
The headband kid team bid 4. I bid 11 and the audience “Oooooooed” again. They called us on it and we had to name them. I started spouting them off in alphabetical order. People were looking at me like I was some kind of freak. Eamonn, the emcee, even made reference to how I was naming them in alphabetical order. We won that game.
I don’t remember what the next category was, but we lost. We had to go to a tie-breaker. The category was Supermodels who have appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. I was like, “What”! Clueless. I never paid attention to that before, and I sure hadn’t studied it.
In the bonus round each team takes turns naming one item. If you are wrong, then the other team has to name one. If they can, then they win. If they can’t , then it starts all over again. The other team went first. I can’t remember what the headband kid said, but it was wrong. It was some name that I had never heard before. Jessica and I looked at each other, puzzled. I knew models, but I wasn’t for sure who had been on the Sport’s Illustrated cover. Jessica wasn’t sure either. I was like, “What the heck”. “Elle McPherson”, I said. We were informed that we were correct. Another win.
I later found out from the guy who drove me too and from the studio that the headband kid cried on his way back to the airport after his loss. That’s how it worked. As soon as you lost, you were on your way back to the airport. Unless, of course, you lived in L.A. Then you just drove home. The headband kid was from Vegas, just like me. He went to UNLV. I never saw him again. In person, that is.

In the bonus round our category was Top 40 Beatles songs. Lucky for me I had just studied the no. 1 Beatles songs the night before. I had a black book that I had been writing lists of things in. Beatles songs was toward the back. We did very well and won a lot of money.

After we won the first game against our fourth set of opponents, filming was stopped for the day. I was taken back to my hotel room for the night. I didn’t get any sleep that night because I was so excited. I was back at the studio at 7. I was exhausted. Jessica had spent the night in the hotel, too. She was from L.A., but they put her up in the hotel that night because they didn’t want to take a chance on her being late, or not showing up the next day.

The day before, Jessica and I kept getting into trouble because we kept talking to each other when we weren’t supposed to. An announcement would come over the loudspeaker. “Bob and Jessica, please stop talking to each other during the commercial breaks”. Finally, some big Amazon lady with a headset opened the door to our booth and screamed, “Stop talking, or I am going to come in there and kick your fucking asses”!!! I was like, “Oooops”. We stopped talking to each other. I was scared of that lady. I had seem her running around like a lunatic all day long, yelling at people.

Anyway, on the second day we lost the second game to the new team. The bonus round was Official Peanuts characters from the comic strip, as stated on some Peanuts website. All of the obvious ones became exhausted. We were informed that there were 3 left. It was our turn. Neither of us could think of any more. The 3 that were left, I later found out, were Franklin, Marcie and Frieda. Time was almost up so I said, “The Little Red-Haired Girl”. I crossed my fingers. It was wrong. We lost. No longer champions.

David, the producer, came up and congratulated me on being such a fine contestant. Two hours later I was on a plane back to Vegas.

The show was cancelled after only one episode. My episodes never aired. Jessica and I talked on the phone twice after the show. She was doing a show on Broadway with Patti Lupone that last time I talked to her.

The day that my first episode would have aired if the show hadn’t got cancelled, I got a call from “Who Want’s To Be a Millionaire”. I had auditioned for the show about 3 months earlier. I had been selected. The lady asked me if I had done another game show within the past year. I told her about the Rich List and about how the show had been cancelled and that my episodes never aired. She said she would get back to me. She called 2 hours later and told me that even though my episodes never aired it was still in my Rich List contract that I couldn’t do another game show for a year. I became ineligible. Bummer.

Rich List wikipedia page  Bill and Ray won more than is stated on Wikipedia. It just shows their winnings for the episode that aired. If my episodes with Jessica would have aired, we would have been in wikipedia too.

Jessica’s Wikipedia Page  This is Jessica’s wikipedia page. I don’t have one. 😦


4 thoughts on “Remembering “The Rich List”

  1. I thought that was Eamon Holems not really a gameshow host here but used to do breakfast TV and now does a morning show with his wife Ruth Langsford.

    Nice to see you back for some reason I couldn’t comment on your posts yesterday.

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