A while back I took one of those online quizzes to see what kind of world leader I would be. The result was evil dictator. At first I was horrified. Then I thought, “No, that’s probably pretty accurate”.

I didn’t post a Final Jeopardy yesterday. I wasn’t in the mood. Only about 5 people read the thing anyway.

I watch Mad Men every Sunday. Actually, that’s a lie. I record it and then watch in on Monday. I’m getting sick of that Megan character. Don’s new wife.
The show is so existential. I keep trying to figure out who the falling man in the opening is; or will eventually be. Sunday’s episode with Don and the elevator scene kind of leads me to believe that eventually it might be him. Or Pete Campbell. I really hate that character. He’s the most likely to commit suicide. I think anyway.

Hamels got suspended for 5 games because he intentionally hit Bryce Harper and bragged about it. He basically said that he was trying to keep baseball old school. Only 5 games? I’m less forgiving. I’s kick him out forever. That’s just me though. If you want to be tough, then go do it at the unemployment line. Or at least lie about it and say it was an accident.



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  1. I’ve never seen that show. I’m not a huge TV watcher though, so I wouldn’t know if we even get it here.
    I think there is a lot more intentional hitting of batters by pitchers than we know about. This guy was crazy to admit it. Maybe he just wanted some time off, but since the regular rotation is about 5 days, he won’t get much.

    1. I think that there is a lot of intentional hitting. I guess that it’s just harder to prove than with other sports.

      Mad Men is on AMC. I think that most cable companies carry it. It’s actually a really good show. Very 60s.

  2. Hi I’m having trouble when I click on your blog it always takes me back to the 23rd April, weird but a couple of tries brings me to your current page.

    Anyway check out my post Award Moi..i’ve niminated you for a versatile blogger award, the instructions are on the posts as to what to do next.:)

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