Final Jeopardy for 5/14/12

Final Jeopardy for May 14, 2012  Power Players Week

The contestants:
Robert Gibbs – ex- Obama White House Press Secretary
Lizzy O’Leary – Aviation and Regulation Correspondent on CNN
Chris Matthews – Host of Hardball

Category: Awards

This performer is the only person to win an Emmy, the Mark Twain Prize & the Spingarn Medal

Answer: Who is __________________?

Bill Cosby

Chris Matthews said Mary Tyler Moore
Robert Gibbs didn’t have an answer
Lizzy O’Leary said Tina Fey

Robert Gibbs won with a total of $5,600. He won $50,000 for his charity.

You’d think that people in these positions of government or television would know that the Spingarn Medal is a medal that the NAACP gives out. Just sayin’.


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