Next Stop, Randomville

Last night was the finale of Survivor. I must say that I’m kind of glad that it’s over. I didn’t really care for any of the people on the show this time.

America’s Got Talent starts tonight…or as I like to call it, America Ain’t Got No Mother F**kin’ Talent. It’s like Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour, only worse. I still watch it though. Kind of like the same way that I watch horrible car accidents on the freeway or people jumping out of burning buildings. This year is will be quit horrid. Why? Well, it’s bad enough that Howie Mandel is a judge, but now…ugh…Howard Stern is a judge.

I really need to finish The Evening News by Arthur Hailey. My voracity for reading comes in spurts. Sometimes, the desire just stalls for a while.

I’ve acquired 940 followers on Tumblr. I consider that a lot. I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve kept up with it for almost 2 years.

Five years ago my mother was buried the day after Mother’s Day. So, yesterday sucked. As does today.

On the Road, a movie based on the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac, starts in a few weeks. It was one of those books that I actually remember reading. I remember how it made me feel while I was reading it. After I finished it I wanted to go on a road trip across the U.S. I made it as far as Memphis. My sojourn only lasted for the weekend. It was interesting, though. I can’t really go into all of the seedy details. Too lascivious.

I suppose that I’ve had quite a few ‘too lascivious to talk about’ adventures. Sometimes, when I think of them I cringe. Most of them occurred in Las Vegas. Sometimes it amazes me that I survived some of them. Especially the ones involving firearms and on one occasion, serial killer Andrew Cunanan.


5 thoughts on “Next Stop, Randomville

  1. Britains Got Talent finished here at the weekend I’ll post about it later, I never watch shows like survivor, but reality TV has taken over..where are the classic shows that had us gripped every week.

    Tells us your lavicious tales I dare you….lol

    1. I saw some of Britain’s Got Talent on Youtube. The dog that won was quite amazing. Pudsey I think his name was.

      For the most part, TV is crap nowadays. At least I think so.

      I’ll have to think of one to talk about that won’t get me put on the FBI watch list. They read these blog you know.

    1. I know. I don’t want to write about some of those horrible and regretful things that I have done on here. It would tarnish my image (like I actually care). I would have to do it anonymously on another blog.

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