Final Jeopardy for 5/15/12

Final Jeopardy for May 15, 2012  Power Players Week

The Contestants:
David Faber – Financial journalist and market news analyst for the CNBC
Dana Perino – American political commentator for Fox News. She served as the White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Basketball star and Cultural Ambassador

Category: Museums

Completed in 1959, it’s been variously described as a snail, a concrete tornado, even a giant wedding cake

Answer: What is __________________?

The Guggenheim

Kareem got it correct for a total of $4,000
Dana didn’t get it for a total of $0
David got it correct for a total of $21,400. He got $50.000 for his charity.

In the movie category Dana answered The Exorcist for the movie that the line “I see dead people” came from.





5 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy for 5/15/12

  1. love that twilight zone episode…thanks for the memory jolt. did dana do any good compared to chris matthews…the right wing blogosphere was burning up with insults about matthews, but he did end up with some dough….did dana?

    1. They all get money for their charity. Dana ended up in 3rd place. She had been everything and got the answer wrong for a total of 0. Even though she lives in New York City, she didn’t know the Guggenheim. As far as her doing better than Matthews, I’d say that they were about the same.

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