A Chart for the Arteries

Today is election day in Arkansas. This morning on the news, the newscaster assured us that Dancing With the Stars would NOT be interrupted with election results. That’s nice to know. Watching has-been celebrities dancing on a television reality show is so much more important than knowing which backwoods bozos are going to be running the state.

A few night ago, a house down the street blew up. According to Miss Nosy Neighbor, who likes to waltz over into my yard unannounced and start blabbing about crap that I have no interest in, there were 7 firetrucks. I slept right through it.

The Final Jeopardy question today was about Arkansas. I wonder if it was coincided with the election on purpose. Ummmmm… I doubt it.

Yesterday on Wheel of Fortune, some lady from Alaska won the puzzle that was ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. Pat said that it was just one of those coincidences. Anyway, the lady said, “Yeah, Anchorage, it’s the state capital”. Actually lady, the capital of Alaska is Juneau. How can you live in a state and not even know the capital? I was thinking, “Boy, are you going to look stupid on national television”. But then I thought, “No, probably not. People probably won’t even know that she was wrong”.


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