I Clicked on it by Accident

Today I went on my Facebook page for the first time in about 4 months. I dislike Facebook. It’s like having everyone that you’ve ever known in one room. And that’s not good.

I’m not sure of the exact percentages, but I’d venture to guess that about 25% of the people that are my ‘friends’ are right-wing fundamentalists.  Most of them are family members.

Then there are those people that I haven’t seen since my high school graduation. Some that I can’t seem to remember, but they remember me.

Hey, remember the time that I pushed you down the Library steps. LOL.

Past co-workers.
People that I met on various sites, like Youtube or blogger.
People that know me BCO.
People that know me ACO.

It’s so confusing.

There’s that one person who comments ‘LOL’ on every picture that I post.
There’s that one person who doesn’t get anything that I write and I have to explain it. And they still don’t get it.
There’s that one person who posts a picture and story about every single missing child in the news, with an update every 5 minutes.
There’s that one wacky cousin who only posts about chem trails and black helicopters. Every day.
There’s that one person who always comments with ‘why did you post that’?
There’s that one person who wants to chat. Ugh!

Most of my Facebook friends are like…

OMG! It’s Facebook!!!


OMG! Somebody updated their dating status!!!

But when it comes to Facebook, I’m like…

That one bored girl in the middle of the picture.



18 thoughts on “I Clicked on it by Accident

  1. My son is in the Airforce and I “joined” facebook because that’s where the airforce puts the pictures of basic trainees. The idea was to delete facebook after basic training but now I can’t find where I wrote down the password. I’m with you-no use for it at all. And if you’d like to retain your sanity you’ll never get me started on right-wing fundamentalists.

  2. I like FaceBook but now I’ve managed to whittle it down down to people that I know and actually like…lol so some family members have been banished forever…lol.

    Though one of my friends keeps posting inspriationl religious messages..so she might have to go..got to be ruthless in social media.:)

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