I Could Blog About Something Important, but I Choose “American Idol” (even though I’m not 12)

Tonight is the season finale of American Idol. Good. I didn’t really care for it this year. I don’t care for either of the people in the final two. The last song that Jessica sang last night was HIDEOUS. I don’t know who writes those songs that are to be released as the winners first single, but for the most part they are a major snoozefest. And sappy. Somnambulist City. Put me in a coma. I don’t remember the name of the song she sang and I am not going to waste my time looking it up, but… UCK! It was so ‘orrible.

The song that Phillip sang for his ‘final’ song was pretty decent. It kind of had a late 60’s/Woodstock/Bob Dylan/Woody Guthrie feel to it. The hook had a ‘let’s end all the wars and make the world a happy place’ sound/vibe.

I guess that I’m still kind of bitter because Elise Testone got eliminated about a month ago. Not that it really matters. It IS just a stupid reality tv show whose sole purpose is to get you to buy a Ford. Oh yeah, and whatever songs the winners release.

Unlike other people in this household, I’m not one of those people who picks up the phone and votes. WHAT IS THE POINT?  I’m not a member of one of those fanatical home town voting blocs that uses dubious technology to jam the phone lines to determine the (for the most part, undeserving) winner. So I figure that my few little minutes of calling in is a complete waste of time. Besides, like I said, I don’t care for either of the two contestants that are left.

I’ve only ever really liked one Idol winner. Kelly Clarkson. I even bought one of her CDs and downloaded a song or two. For some reason I like her stuff.

If Phillip wins, then that will be 5 white guys in a row. All of them pretty much from the same mold. Well, with the exception of Scotty from last year. He’s country. So yeah, America is predictable and/or the fix is in. Actually, I guess I should say Idol voting America is predictable. Some people don’t watch the show and they are part of America, so I shouldn’t stereotype an entire nation.

I’m Christy Lee Cook. I voodoo hexed Idol because I should have won, bitches. Have fun listening to boring white guys with guitars!

Have you heard of the Kristy Lee Cook curse? Well, Kristy Lee Cook was a contestant on Season 7 of American Idol. She was eliminated in 7th place. She must have put some kind of curse on the Idol competition because the year that she was eliminated David COOK won. Then is Season 8 KRIS Allen won. Then in Season 9 LEE Dewyze won. Then in Season 10 ScotTY McCreery won. Okay, so the Scotty link may be stretching it a bit, but still… All of the past 4 winners spell out her name. So, I guess the curse is over now. That means the Jessica Sanchez has a chance of winning. How tragic! Again, not that it really matters.

I like Steven Tyler, but he’s a horrible judge. He likes everybody, even when they SOOOO obviously suck. And Jennifer! Geeze Louise! The only reason that she’s on the show is so that she can dance around on stage and promote her music. Look, it’s called American Idol, not Platform for JLo to promote her music Idol.

The only person who ‘keeps it real’ is Jimmy Iovine. For the most part, he tells it like it is. He kind of took Simon’s place when he left the show.

I heard a rumor that Jennifer isn’t coming back next year. I guess that she doesn’t have any new music coming out, so yeah, she’s leaving THAT venue of promotion. Ostensibly, she has too many things going on. *YAWN*

Anyway, I guess I’ll watch the finale and see who wins. Of course, after the finale the winner will have been chosen and this post will be somewhat dated and pointless, I suppose.


4 thoughts on “I Could Blog About Something Important, but I Choose “American Idol” (even though I’m not 12)

  1. I have to say I loved the version of Home by Phil Phillips. I’m not a big fan of the American Idol show. It makes a mockery of decent music. But this song moved me. It was so, so good and heartfelt. I could hear this being a wedding song, or a song celebrating a birth or adoption. Just a really simple song by a simple singer, that just wants to make music. I loved it.

  2. Note from heretic #2: I too have never watched the show. In earlier seasons I did catch a clip or two entirely by accident. For all I know it may have been a clip on Entertainment News. You’d have to live in a box to NOT know it exists.

    I find it interesting that as a non-watcher, my radar picked up on only 3 artists: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry. So the show must have been good for something – with the exception of the William Hung audition of She Bangs. Since it went viral on YouTube, it couldn’t be avoided and I admit, I laughed.

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