Final Jeopardy for 5/30/12

Final Jeopardy for May 30, 2012

Category: Presidential Resting Places

Only 3 sites have the remains of 2 presidents: 1 at Quincy, Massachusetts, 1 at Arlington & 1 in this state capital

What is ______________?

Richmond, VA.

Nobody got it right.




6 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy for 5/30/12

  1. The question is asking for specific sites in cities that have two presidents remains, not the cities themselves. Adams and Quincy Adams are both in United First Parish Church in Quincy, Taft and JFK are in Arlington National Cemetary, and Monroe and Tyler are in Hollywood Cemetary in Richmond. While Jackson and Polk are both interred in Nashville, Jackson is buried at the Hermitage and Polk’s remains are in the Tennessee State Capital.

  2. Chester B. Arthur is buried in Albany, NY and James Garfield is buried in Cleveland, OH.
    Why were those answers incorrect?

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