Final Jeopardy for 6/11/12

Final Jeopardy for June 11, 2012

Category: Events in the Bible

Acts 1:13 says this event occurred in “an upper room”

Answer: What is ______________?

The Last Supper
This was the answer that they gave but it’s incorrect.

Here is what Alex said after the show.

Alex – “If that Final Jeopardy! seemed a little strange, it’s because…it was. We messed up. We were thinking of one thing and referencing something else. Fortunately, it did not affect the outcome of the game. We are crediting Aaron with a correct response, and we will be awarding him $12,002 dollars.”


49 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy for 6/11/12

    1. as I am way behind, I finally watched this ep. When I heard the question, my answer was, The Last Supper – no, the coming of the Holy Spirit. Could it be that they were still *talking about* Jesus last supper in Acts? It wasn’t that long after. I don’t recall an upper room on Pentecost…

      not sure I had time to think of all of that before the answers were given and judged on.
      my question of course if how did they get SO far off?
      Just weird. Also, they might hav combed Alex’s hair before the inset shot. 😉

  1. Acts 1:13 was NOT the “Last Supper”. The “Last Supper” had already occurred before this. Acts 1:13 refers to the Disciples meeting for prayer in this upper room after the resurrected Jesus had appeared to them.

    1. Actually, this is wrong too. In Acts 1:13, and the surrounding section, the apostles met in an upper room to choose Matthias to replace Judas.

  2. I think the question was just wrong. At the end they gave credit for Pentecost but that is wrong if you mention Acts 1:13. I thing a better answer would have been

    Category Biblical Places.

    In Acts Chapter 1:13 shows the Disciples i the same place that they once held this famous meal

    Answer the Upper Room

    That is the only thing that makes sense to me

    This final jeopardy question was incorrect what was the name of that computer?

  3. Acts 1:13 does not mention The Last Supper and does not have anything to do with the Last Supper. Acts 1:13 refers to a time 3 days after the Last Supper.

  4. Since the experts were wrong, will the contestents be brought back and will the error be corrected on the air? The Last Supper was the eve before Jesus death on the cross – Acts 1:13 was after He ascended into heaven.

    1. Frank is right, the disciples gathered to wait for the promise of the Holy Spirit. Reading further, Matthias was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot Pentecost did not happen until Acts Chapter 2, verse 1. Where are all these people getting “Pentecost” from Acts 1:13? I can’t believe Jeopardy came up with “The Last Supper” from Acts 1:13. Jesus could not have been there because He ascended into heaven in Acts 1:9-11, Way to go, Frank.

  5. Don’t look for biblical accuracy on Jeopardy!! That answer was wrong. Acts 1:13 is the upper room where the disciples met for prayer with the women and all of Jesus brothers. John chap. 13 describes the Last Supper. I was watching Jeopardy tonight and I was using my DVR to fast forward through commercials so I was about 10 minutes behind so when double Jeopardy was over, I fast forwarded through the commercials and then accidentally pressed the “back” button which took me to the last channel I was watching thereby wiping out the last 10 minutes of the show! I missed final Jeopardy and was hoping I found the answer online because I love the bible questions. Boy was I mad at my DVR, or my thumb or the devil or whatever caused me to miss that! And here it is not even the right answer! Go figure!

  6. This one really surprised me. I have never seen Jeopardy be this careless. There is no connection between Acts 1:13 and the last supper. Luke covered that in his Gospel. Nor is there any connection to Pentecost. That occurred in Acts 2, or John 20:22. Certainly not in Acts 1:13. How did the clue crew let that one pass?

  7. Jane and Peter are correct. I only looked up this blog because I was busy and missed the end of the program tonight.

  8. I agree with the comments already made. The event described in Acts 1:13 was prior to the event called Pentacost where the Holy Spirit was given in power to the disciples. As the question in phrased the answer should not be either the Last Supper or Passover as it was neither.

  9. The answer the lady gave was wrong. The Last Supper was before Christ was crucified and not in Acts 1: 13

  10. Acts 1:13 does not tell about an event that occcurs in an upper room other than the naming of the disciplies Acts 2:1 tells of the event which was the day of pentecost

  11. Yes, they totally mucked up, this verse refers to nothing in particular, but by chapter two the holy spirit descends and this event is the day of pentecost. Aaron was correct. My guess was also the last supper as it did occur in the ‘upper room’, which is what the writers must have been thinking of, but Acts begins after Jesus has risen, so that alone should have steered anyone away from last supper (myself included – and certainly the writers!).

    1. Mark 14:15 (NIV) He will show you a large room upstairs, furnished and ready. Make preparations for us there.

  12. Yeah. What the heck? The answer is the disciples were picking a man to replace Judas. They had recently returned from Jesus ascention. Either someone didn’t bother to read the rest of the passage after the words “upper room” and assumed the last supper or Alex jumped the gun and doesn’t know his bible as well as he thinks. The pentecost answer was closer at least. It’s what crossed my mind first.

  13. I saw this earlier tonight. Didn’t know exactly what Acts 1:13 said from memory, but knew it was after the Ascension and before Pentecost (Acts 2). Didn’t think at all of the Last Supper so really thought I had entered a twilight zone of sorts when he said that was the right answer. I think they gave it to the guy as Pentecost because the question really had no answer. Lucky for them (perhaps) it was a runaway for the champ and there was no third contestant eligible for the final round, so it didn’t make a difference either way as to who wound up in what place.

  14. This is shameful if the Jepordy judges accepted the Last Supper as correct. Acts 1:13 is about the disciples meeting to choose a successor for Judas – well after the Last Supper and after the Cruxification of Jesus.

  15. LOL . . . Jeopardy made a major goof. At first I thought they really screwed up until I read what Alex Trebek said “If that Final Jeopardy! seemed a little strange, it’s because it was. We messed up. We were thinking of one thing and referencing something else. Fortunately, it did not affect the outcome of the game. We are crediting Aaron with a correct response and we will be awarding him $12,002.” I think the question was “The Last Supper” and they referenced the wrong scripture in the answer. That is why they credited Aaron with the correct response to Acts 1:13 even though he wasn’t correct. The experts must have been asleep at the wheel tonight. Luckily the ship didn’t crash into an iceberg 🙂

  16. Acts 1:13 does not refer to the Lord’s Supper, that event happened the night before Jesus was crucified and is recorded in the Gospels, not in the book of Acts….where did you get this information? Love the show, was shocked that this was wrong information, but will keep watching….

  17. He pontificated “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

    Who is Alexander Pope?

    I’ll take Jeopardy! mistakes for $400, Alex.

  18. Not only was Jeopardy wrong (don’t they research each answer?) but a) Alex’s “explanation” was in no way an apology, and, if I heard right, they still gave money for having the WRONG answer? (Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two Wrights made an airplane)

  19. Mark 14:15, Luke 22:12 Had the ANSWER referenced one of those scriptures, all would have been well. They didn’t credit a wrong answer. They GAVE a wrong answer, therefore it was proper to credit the “wrong” question, which WAS Pentecost.

    In Acts, the last part of chapter 1 is about explaining who was there, and why. Though the description of the “rushing wind” takes place in “another chapter”, biblical chapter division does not mean “NEW STORY”.

    We are made aware of who was present, and where they were, although it doesn’t follow our modern rules of storytelling. And no it wasn’t three days after Jesus died, it was fifty. (research Pentecost)

    Luke started to tell who was there in 1:13, perenthetically inserted details in verses 14-26, and continues in what we know as chapter 2. He didn’t make a break in the story. Take Trebek at his word. They referenced the wrong scripture. A person who studies scripture, when given that answer (Jeopardy format), will know the question to be about Pentecost.

    Preacher E

  20. For everyone who missed Alex’s on-air acknowledgement of the poorly worded Final Jeopardy! from Monday 6/11/12, here’s what he had to say at the end of the show:

    Alex – “If that Final Jeopardy! seemed a little strange, it’s because…it was. We messed up. We were thinking of one thing and referencing something else. Fortunately, it did not affect the outcome of the game. We are crediting Aaron with a correct response, and we will be awarding him $12,002 dollars.”

    that was a statement released by JEOPARDY! today on facebook.

  21. The only event depicted in Acts1:13 was the assembling of the remaining apostles, plus Jesus’s mother mary and some of his other fleshly brother .

  22. The disciples in the upper room may have been discussing replacement, but the Scriptures say there were 120 present when Judas’ replacement was chosen by lot, so I doubt the actual process occurred there.

  23. The Jeopardy Team is the “Fairest…” Most Decent Team of Judges, with Alex Trebek exemplifying finesse, character and humbleness at the drop of a hat…They would all still make Merv Griffin proud…. And I’ve been watching it ever since Art Fleming’s era…. Kudos to Jeopardy…

  24. I commend them for the correction, after the fact. The worst part, is that the explanation was so cryptic, that the average person has no idea why the answer was wrong.

  25. there were a lot of replies so someone may have said this already

    first, I thought perhaps they were just retelling the story of the last supper, in Acts. well that was wrong (even though it was judged right)
    Finally I said this is silly, there are at least 3 bibles behind me, so I grabbed one
    From what I read and remember – it was after Jesus was resurrected, and they were walking along, then he ascended… they hung out and (may have chosen a new apostle/disciple) then continued to hang out into chapter 2 where the holy spirit showed up.

    The important point between chapters 1 and 2 to me is that Jesus died, on/around Passover and Pentecost happened… on Pentecost.(not sure it was called that in the OT) During the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is after Passover and lasts 7 days, there was a wavesheaf offering and IIRC, there are then 7 sabbaths (and one more day?) before the next Feast (Feast of Firstfruits?) we call Pentecost. There is a big gap there, is my point. I didn’t notice the gap when I was reading the chapter – but I know the calendar (a bit) so there had to be. It wasn’t *just* a chapter break.
    Anyway, yes, both answers were wrong and I’ve never seen Jeopardy do that so badly before, if at all.
    I googled too and ended up here.
    Glad the guy won anyway. It would have been slightly messy if he didn’t but then again, I think it might have happened before. But not with such a completely off-track answer.

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