Sometimes Alex and his Cronies mess up.

Well, I was going to stop doing the Jeopardy posts, but I guess that I won’t. The post that I made earlier was a personal rant that was supposed to be set to private, but, oopsy, it wasn’t. Plus I got almost 3000 hits just from that one Jeopardy post. Jeopardy usually has bad luck with Bible questions. There was an addition after the show about the goof that they had made, but I didn’t really pay any attention to it. I was too busy typing the question and answer. Anyway, they goofed. I got tons of comments, though.

Most of the time when I get comments that are negative, condescending, or imply that I don’t know what I’m talking about I don’t approve them. Most of the quotes about the goofed-up Bible question were more passionate oriented. People wanted to make sure that the record was set straight.

I hope that I didn’t offend anyone who read that other post I did (like I said, it wasn’t supposed to be public, but I goofed). I might have referred to some people who watch Jeopardy in a derogatory manner. Well, I watch Jeopardy, so I guess that I could be considered one of those people. I mean I’ve tried out for the show 4 times. I even made to all the way to the lectern audition on one of the tryouts.

Originally I started doing the post for myself. Actually, it all started as typing practice. I was a hunt and pecker until about a year ago. That’s when I decided to learn how to touch type. Everybody else I knew could do it and I felt a little inferior. That’s just my own insecurity, I guess. Watching the Final Jeopardy question and then trying to type it out before the song ended was part of a typing exercise. Somehow they made it into google and I started getting quite a few hits on my blog. Not that that really matters. But, after a while it became a game to me. I wanted to see how far that I could make the graph go up.

Sometimes, though, it causes a few difficulties. Sometimes I get messages from people wanting to know specific things about the show or how they can get in touch with Alex. Stuff like that. Anyway, it’s just my own little blog, not a Jeopardy website. Maybe some people get confused. IDK.

OMG people! Everybody messes up. Even genius me.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Alex and his Cronies mess up.

    1. I know, it’s crazy. I’ve gotten over 4500 hits just on that one Jeopardy post from 2 days ago. 2808 total hits on Monday. 2813 on Tuesday. So far today it’s only around 1100. Usually it’s not like that. I guess that one question caused some controversy and people just looked it up. I guess I was lucky that my post was the first one in the google search.

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