That Show Stinks!

The other night I watched that new show called The Glass House. Basically, it’s a rip-off of Big Brother. Most of the stuff on television is rip-off of something else, so I guess that it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, CBS tried to sue them for making the Big Brother clone, but the judge sided with ABC, the network of The Glass House.

It’s pretty much the same premise as Big Brother with one exception: the viewers vote on and control what happens in the house (what food to eat; what games to play; yadda, yadda, yadda).

In my personal opinion – which is pretty much commensurate with a pile of beans- the show STINKS.  The people on the show are either stupid, obnoxious, affectedly mean, or fame hounds. I don’t even think they interviewed for the show. It’s almost like the producers just took the bottom 14 scores of a recent Stanford/Binet IQ test and cast those people on the show (even though one of the girls CLAIMS to be in MENSA).
Anyway, that’s how it looked after they edited the show. Maybe they’re all geniuses.

The prize for winning the show is $250,000. That’s half of what the Big Brother prize is. I suppose it’s fitting since the people on the show have half the talent of those on BB. Maybe I’m biased. IDK. Maybe I’m just more familiar with BB. IDK.

Alex, one of the guys on the show, has decided that he is going to be the biggest villain in reality show history. Only, he’s not the biggest villain. He’s the biggest dumbass jerk. He just goes around insulting people and starting fights. That’s not villainry. That immaturity. To be a villain you have to have some smarts and a fairly well though out plan. He has neither.

At any rate I’ll probably watch it until Big Brother starts next month. Then I’ll kick it to the curb.


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