Oh look, another famous person announced that they’re gay. Big deal.
This thing that I read on Yahoo called The Lookout said that “Anderson Cooper has confirmed what most people in the media world and New York already knew”. Really? So JUST people in the media and world famous New York knew. Actually, people that live in my hick state already knew it too. Seriously. I mean, look up the word OBVIOUS in the dictionary and tell me whose picture you see.

I also read this thing about The New Art of Coming Out. Really? So, there’s a specific way that you’re supposed to do it now.  Anyway, part of it entailed the importance of gay ‘celebrities’ coming out of the closet to combat America’s bullying epidemic.
Call me a cynic, but having a few famous people come out of the closet is not going to stop bullying. People bully because of major issues they have or because it’s a learned behavior that is ingrained in their personality. Some people are just mean. Just because they find out that Anderson Cooper or some other ‘famous’ person is gay doesn’t mean they are going to stop doing it. Why are people so deluded?


I have this friend who was all upset because Anderson Cooper is gay now. I was like, “Ummmm, what difference does it make. Even if he was straight you still wouldn’t stand a chance with him, so yeah, whatever.”

“You don’t understand”, she said.

You’re right, I don’t. It’s somebody that you don’t even know, or will never meet (probably), so stop acting like you’re 12 years old and he’s Donny Osmond or Bobby Sherman. Seriously. Stop it.   

Anyway, she’s mad at me now. I’m such an unsympathetic friend.


8 thoughts on “Unsympathetic

    1. New Hampshire Its not the world that is sad its some of the people who live in this world that make it sad. The world is beautiful…but I do get what you are saying. I hope that people will not stop watching Anderson because he is a great man.

  1. Whats sad is when people are discriminated against because of his or her sexuality, race, religion, class, etc. Whats sad is how people make a big deal about someone coming out of the closet when there are clearly others issues that are more important. Anderson Cooper is an awesome journalist and whether he is gay or straight I will always love him for what and not for who, he chooses to do. What gives someone the right to discriminate against someone anyway when he or she clearly does not know what his or her life is like. All of this bias and ignorance should have been eliminated by now. It is 2012 not 1950. Next Stop, thank you for this post.

      1. Yes indeed! Next Stop you and I both know that America has become very diverse over the last decade. I think that this is a beautiful thing. Im all for diversity and I love people of all races because that is how I was raised. I can not stand ignorance. Some people look at gay people as if it is nasty but my thing is, why? Treat everyone equal instead of making negative comments. Honestly, lets talk about other important issues like; children and education, giving teachers raises, a healthcare system that will work (not dissing OBama or anything), or how we are going to get our children off these streets and paint a brighter future for them, or how politics will come together and create jobs for everyone and not just for a certain class. I mean really!

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