A review of 2 movies that I saw over the weekend

I went to 2 movies over the weekend. That’s pretty amazing because I never go to the movies. They just don’t make movies anymore that I want to see.  On Friday I saw Ted. It was the 5:10 showing. I went with my sister. It was funny. There was one part that made me guffaw to the point of a borderline paroxysm. Shit jokes do that to me. I don’t know why. Most of the jokes were okay. A few fell flat. I was amazed at the animation. I’m ussally not. Most CGI looks so fake. At least it does to me. Ted had the same voice as Peter Griffin from Family Guy, so it took me a while to get used to that. They even made reference to it in the movie. Overall I’d give it a C+. I read some of the Twitter comments about it and people were saying it was the funniest movie ever. I wouldn’t go that far.

On Sunday at 10:30 I went to see Magic Mike. Again, with my sister. I would have felt kind of weird if I had gone by myself. Being with my sister made it look like I was being dragged along. There were only 2 other guys in the theater. They sat in the very back.
There really wasn’t very much of a plot to the movie. I guess there doesn’t have to be when you have Channing Tatum and some other allegedly hot guys stripping in a movie. Also in the movie was Matt Bomer who plays Neil McCaffrey on White Collar. I had a problem separating the 2 characters. The same goes for Adam Rodriguez who plays Eric Delko on CSI:Miami.
I’m not a big Matthew McConaughey fan. His voice just irritates me.
Overall I’d give the movie a C.

This is where I saw the movies.


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