Who Cares About Your Stinkin’ Divorce!

It’s been so hot lately that I’m beginning to feel like Lois Nettleton in that “Midnight Sun” episode of the Twilight Zone. You know, the one when it keeps getting hotter and hotter because the Earth is moving closer to the sun.

I just read this article on Yahoo about the Church of Scientology asking followers to censor Web comments. Apparently, they sent out a message instructing followers to visit media sites, including Microsoft, Google or any other that requires users to agree to a code of conduct that prohibits comments that threaten, defame or degrade any group or individual.
It also said that followers should hunt for any comments about the Cruise-Holmes divorce, click the “Report” tag, and report the comments as violations of the sites code of conduct.

It seems like quite a few people are defecting from the Church in the wake of the Cruise-Holmes divorce and the lawsuits accusing John Travolta of making inappropriate sexual advances. Hmmmm, it’s a good thing they left before someone made them drink the kool-aid.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to report you to the office. What’s your name? Last name first.

Anyway, really?

After I read it I wanted to go to all of the sites about the Cruise/Holmes divorce and type in “QUACKS!”
I don’t care what group or whatever that people want to belong to. But, if you start posting crap about it and talking about it on the internet AND there’s a comment section, then I might just have to tell you how wacky you are. Especially if your organization is some freakazoid, fake, made-up, borderline Jim Jones, nonsense group. Go ahead and be a crybaby hall monitor and report me to the principal. I could not care less, Bobby Brady. 

Not to mention the fact that Tom Cruise, in my opinion, is the most over-rated and talentless actor in the entire universe. Who cares about his stinkin’ divorce? I don’t. I’m more concerned about staying outside of the 10 miles radius of any movie theater that is showing one of his crap movies.

Normally, I’m not this vituperative. I’m really not. But, it’s like 110, and all of the plants are withering, and every song on the radio sucks, and some guy on the internet says we can’t say bad stuff about Tom Cruise or the Church of Scientology or he’ll tell on us. FUCK THAT!


8 thoughts on “Who Cares About Your Stinkin’ Divorce!

    1. I don’t understand the whole thing. He’s been divorced before. I don’t remember a big hoopla about that. Of course, I think it was before the internet was such a sensation and news traveled a tad bit slower.

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