Big Brother and Reality Television

So, Big Brother started back up again last night. I like it. I’ve watched all of the other seasons. I am not however, like some people I know (my sister and Uncle Jim), a fanatic about the show. I’ll watch it while it’s on and then I’m done. On to the next thing. Not so with them. They watch the live internet feeds (boring), have Big Brother as a Twitter and Facebook friend, read all of the updates on a site called Morty’s, etc. They know all about what has happened/is happening before it’s even televised.

About a month ago, a new show called The Glass House premeired on ABC. Basically, it’s a Big Brother knock-off. CBS (the network that Big Brother is on) tried to sue them from airing the show. They lost. Basically, the judges’ ruling was that you can’t copyright a bunch of people doing stupid shit in a house that they are locked up in.
I tried to watch The Glass House when it premiered. I made it through 2 episodes. It was so horrible that I couldn’t watch it anymore. Everything about the show screams hideous. The premise, the people, the set design, the computer robot lady emcee… EVERYTHING.
Apparently the ratings have been awful. With some shows, when the ratings are horrendous, they cancel the show right away. I’m not sure how that works with reality shows. I mean, if they DO cancel the show, what do they do? Tell the contestants that nobody watched the show because they suck and then send them home? IDK. I guess that they have to see it through to the end and then cut their loses. Not sure how that works.

While I was online reading about the Glass House and it’s ratings, I read the comments that people were leaving. I usually don’t read the comments that people leave about an article. It’s too depressing. I know that there are obnoxious and uninformed people in the world, I just didn’t realize that there were so many. Call me naive. I don’t mind opinions. Everybody has them. But, most of the time, they aren’t opinions. It’s just idiotic, non-thought-out, rambling jibber-jabber that makes absolutely no sense and makes the person look like they have the IQ of a donut hole.

Most of the comments about the Glass House were about reality television in general. Some said it was great and that scripted shows were passe and on the way out. Others called reality television mindless and the people connected with it talentless. There were several back-and-forth heated discussions between the commenters. As there always is with internet articles.
Personally, just like anything else (with the exception or pure evil and Justin Bieber concerts), I can’t really discount the whole of anything. I can’t say, “I dislike reality television”, or “scripted television is so 20th century”. Each genre of anything has the good, the bad and the ugly.

As far as reality television goes, it’s all semantics. That’s just what they call it, even though some of it is scripted and effected. To me, reality television involves people not knowing or realizing that they are being filmed. The Rodney King beating was reality tv. Nanny cams are reality tv. Cameras placed at city intersetions to monitor traffic is reality tv.

I’m not really sure if there is a point to any of this. I just started typing and this is what came out.

I watch reality television like I’m a mindless zombie. Others I know watch it like they are studying for a mid-term. One day after the season of Survivor or Big Brother or The Amazing Race ends, I don’t even remember who won, or who was even on the show. I know people who can recite every winner and who won what contest, etc. How do they remember all of that?
For some off reason though, I have remembered all of the American Idol winners. Maybe I’m just a savant with singing shows. IDK. Although, I would consider AI more of a variety show than a reality show. Kind of like Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour or Star Search.
P.S. – My sister tells me that Steven Tyler will not be returning to American Idol next year. She said that the rumor is that they’re trying to get Adam Lambert or Jerry Lewis. Really? Jerry Lewis? It’s a singing show, not a telethon.

I haven’t been watching America’s Got Talent this year. I’ve seen a few episodes. Talk about a cluster-fuck of a show. It’s so random. I’m not even sure I understand the premise. If tv was a carnival, America’s Got Talent would be the side show. The tents with all of the freaks.
Mainly I don’t watch it because of the time slot logistics. My DVR only supports the recording of 4 shows. Actually, if you are watching a show live, it’s only 3. Sometimes, if I am recording 2 shows that are in HD and watching a live show, then the cable box shuts down and the whole thing has to be reset. It’s quite annoying. So, since AGT comes on at the same time as a bunch of other shows that I record, it loses out. They show it in reruns on another channel, but I don’t even bother. I might watch the finale. Maybe.

So, as I stated in paragraph one, Big Brother is back on for the summer. I’ll watch every episode. Every morning, while I’m drinking my coffee, I’ll listen to my sister recite the updates that she got from all of the Big Brother sites. Five minutes after the finale I’ll forget who won. 


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