I See Dead People (watching NASCAR)

Normally, most stories that I come across on the Yahoo page are boring. They’re about Justin Bieber and his woes, or Taylor Swift and about how allegedly fabulous she is, or that Wacky Tom Cruise. Today I came across one that was kind of fun… well, actually creepy, but fun, too.

Some lady named Linda Chase lived with this guy named Charles Zigler for 10 years. Anyway, Charlie died. I guess that Linda didn’t want to be alone because she just left him in his chair. For about 18 months she cleaned him and changed his clothes. According to her, he didn’t stink. She would talk to him and they would watch NASCAR. She said that he was the only guy who was ever nice to her and that she didn’t want to be alone (I’m guessing buy a dog or a cat lady. They’re good company. They actually move around and make noise and stuff).

Linda admitted to cashing his social security checks. I guess she didn’t want to use her own money to buy him new clothes and deodorant and stuff.

Zigler had family who eventually became concerned about him (after 18 months) and called the police. The police checked it out and found him in his chair. Linda said, “I’m probably going to prison”. IDK Linda. My guess is the nut house.

Hey Linda, change the TV to the NASCAR channel.

3 thoughts on “I See Dead People (watching NASCAR)

  1. Dave sent me. He usually doesn’t steer me wrong. He didn’t again. Yeah, This looks good. Thanks Dave. Can’t wait until we get to Willoughby. They have beer there, right?

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