The Like Button Poem

I could do a blog from Mars,
Or from the twinkly, sparkly stars,
It doesn’t matter where I ares,
Somehow you’re going to find me and push the muther frickin’ like button.

I guess you like me really lots,
I bet your blog name ends with ‘bots’ (or jamcracker)
I want to bang my head with pots (or a Graham Cracker),
Because every time I do a muther frickin’ blog post your avatar pops up

I could blog about Justin Bieber,
Or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,
Or an episode of Leave it to Beaver,
Guess what? You’re going to like it; oh, the interests you have.

You must have a magic potion,
Transcending the computer ocean,
I bet you dance the locomotion,
While pushing the like button on every single one of my blog posts.

I guess you want me to check out your site,
You’ve engineered it completely right,
To find your way every day and night,
To my muther frinkin’ blog that I want to cancel because you are beginning to annoy me.

I can tell you here and now,
I’d bet the farmhouse and the cow,
I’d even throw in the plow,
That as soon as I push the publish button, 1 minutes later you’ll be the first muther frickin’ like.


10 thoughts on “The Like Button Poem

    1. I have about 3 of them. I don’t people liking the stuff, but you know that they don’t read it or anything. They just want you to go to their blog, which is usually all ads and trying to get you to buy stuff.

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