An Oldies Song Review – Some People by Carol Deene

Some People by Carol Deene

It’s not just the wacky kids that are mixed up, it’s the adults too. According to Carol Deene that is. Anyway, adults just don’t know kids the way that she does (probably because they’re hanging out with other adults and not kids, duh).

The song is dancable. I would suggest the Twist, or if you have the stamina, a fast and somewhat frenetic Pony. It’s got a swinging beat concentrating on the ‘2 and’ and ‘4’ beats.

The instrumentation – for me anyway – is somewhat annoying. Especially that recorder or pan flute or whatever it is. During the sans singing, instrumentation (featuring the recorder) part of the song, the recorder goes flat on a few notes. Also, there is an ‘and-a-one-and-2-an’ organ ditty (it sounds like it’s on the Reed setting) that occurs right before the and maybe then some people would be glad lyric that occurs right before the instrumental section. It sounds weird.

There is a key change (complete with what sounds like the Petticoat Junction train whistle) right after the instrumental section. Although – because it has such a groovy beat – the song could have survived without one, it definately helps break up whatever monotony may occur after about 10 listens.

There is one chord change in the song that bugs me because it sounds unresolved. It goes off pattern. Also, the song’s ending is kind of abrupt. It needs more punch.

Carol’s voice has a sweet, friendly and mature tone. It just needs a tinge more of a naive-sounding touch to make the lyric more convincing.

I’d give this song a B+


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