Final Jeopardy for 7/31/12

Final Jeopardy for July 31, 2012   Kids Week

Category: Kids’ Business

The Corporate Headquarters of this store founded in 1948 is at One Geoffrey Way in Wayne, New Jersey

Answer: What is ________________?

Toys R Us

The kid in the last podium position said American Eagle
The kid in the first podium position said Dunkin’ Donuts
The girl in the middle got it correct and was the winner


11 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy for 7/31/12

  1. If you can access the Final Jeopardy question, why can’t you post all of the answers that were on the show for that night? Just curious.Thanks.

    1. Where I live Jeopardy comes on at 11am. I post the Final after I watch it. I don’t access it from the internet. I suppose that I could post all of the questions and answers, but it would take too much time to watch the show and type it all out. That’s why I only do the Final.

      1. Where do you live? And bummer, I could make a lot of money off of you if I had all the answers! ;°)

      2. If you did post all of the current days questions, you would actually be the only person who is doing that on the Web. I’ve checked.

      3. I know. I should consider it. There is a site called JArchive that posts all of the shows, but they are usually 2 days behind. I think that I’ll try it soon just to see how long it would take to do it. Sometimes I am working when Jeopardy is aired and have to record it. I suppose that it would only be worth it if I was able to get it posted before the show aired in other markets.

      4. It would certainly increase your site traffic.
        I live with a pompous know it all that smugly thinks she knows EVERYTHING so the heads up on the Final Jeopardy question had made my life a little better. Hell, I think I’d pay a site fee for the answers just to spite her!

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