Where’s the Remote? A Quiz about Television Shows and Their Settings

1. The Drew Carey Show is set in Drew Carey’s Ohio hometown. Name the city.
2. Both Happy Days and the spin-off Laverne & Shirley are set in the Midwest’s “Brew City.” Where is that?
3. There’s CSI:Miami and CSI:New York, but in what city is the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation set?
4. For 20 seasons, Gunsmoke told the stories of the inhabitants of what onetime Wild West town in Kansas?
5. Homicide:Life on the Street was a gritty look at inner-city life and crime that was executive-produced by Barry Levinson in what East Coast city?
6. Murphy Brown, played by Candice Bergen, is the star reporter of the fictional TV news magazine FYI in what real city?
7. The sitcom Wings, featuring future Monk star Tony Shalhoub, was set mostly at a small airport in what island town along the Eastern seaboard?
8. The action in the sitcom Alice centers on Mel’s Diner, which was located in what Southwestern city?
9. Bonanza, the weekly saga of a family in the post-Civil War era, was set on a ranch on the outskirts of what Nevada town?
10. Hapless women’s shoe salesman Al, lazy housewife Peg, and the rest of the Bundy clan from Married…With Children all live in which city?

1. Cleveland, Ohio
2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3. Las Vegas, Nevada
4. Dodge City, Kansas
5. Baltimore, Maryland
6. Washington, D.C.
7. Nantucket, Massachusetts
8. Phoenix, Arizona
9. Virginia City, Nevada
10. Chicago, Illinois


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