Gone to “Pot”

You’ll find “pot” in all of the answers

1. What popular face-changing toy debuted in 1952 and is based around a plastic tuber?
2. This optimum, desirable point on a tennis racket, bat, or golf club is just so…sugary. What’s is called?
3. With the publication of the 1965 book In Cold Blood, this Southern author invented a new literary genre: the nonfiction novel. What was his name?
4. This nine-letter word describes an assortment of things (like this quiz)…or a mixture of dried flower petals, herbs and spices.
5. In the old days, this 10-letter word described a pharmacist or chemist.
6. This English author of The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck grew up a lonely child, whose best friends were her pet animals: newts, frogs, a bat, dogs, and a pair of rabbits. What’s her name?
7. They look a little like pigs, but these plant-eating African mammals are more closely related to whales and porpoises. Their name means “river horse.” What are they?
8, What nine-letter word means “powerful one”? This person may be a monarch, dictator, autocrat, or tyrant.
9, The region between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers is now part of Irag, but it used to be called what?
10. The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle is called what?
11. What’s the name of a fake settlement that’s erected to deceive someone?

1. Mr. Potato Head
2. Sweet spot
3. Truman Capote
4. Potpourri
5. Apothecary
6. Beatrix Potter
7. Hippopotamus
8. Despot or potentate
9, Mesopotamia
10. Hypotenuse
11. Potemkin village


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