Sometimes, people’s comments are so obnoxius that it kind of makes you not want to do a blog. Or at least set it all to private. I do my blog mostly for me. I don’t have some great, inspirational message to send out. I don’t have fabulous bits of wisdom to dole out that are going to change people’s lives (if anything, it would make them more dysfunctional). I just do it for my own entertainment. I post stuff that I like, or that I can use for future reference. But, someone always wants to try to spoil it.

Yeah, I know that there are people like that all over the place. Even before the internet there were those obnoxious psychic vampires. Those people who do nothing but go around trying to suck the life out of everyone. They’re like pesky gnats; I abhor them.

Anyway, I guess what I really wanted to say in this post to those obnoxious commentors was… Fuck you. Bite me. Eat shit. Drop dead. Go to hell.


9 thoughts on “F.O.

  1. I’m surprised that you get rotten comments-I’ve been doing my blog for a year and a half and haven’t had a single one. Of course, flowers and plants aren’t really what you’d call controversial, and I think I attract a fairly tame crowd.
    But, if I did have jerks visiting I think I’d just ignore them. Once they see that what they’re doing gets you all tweaked out they’ll do it all the more-just like the bullies in school used to. That’s my unsolicited advice, for what it’s worth.

    1. It’s good advice. I do ignore them by not posting what they say. It’s mainly from people who are not subscribed to the blog, so they don’t automatically post. I have to approve them. Most of them are in regards to those darn Jeopardy posts. They get really nasty about the fact that I post it before the show had aired in their television market. I’ve gotten quite a few lectures and been called some nasty names. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know why anybody would talk shit on your blog-it’s really great and one of my favorites to visit. You always post awesome and/or mirthful content every single time, your consistency is amazing. If some goof is worried about seeing a Jeopardy post before the show airs, they can simply not read the whole thing. I mean, duh. It’s not like you’re going out to some different time zone with a rocket pack and bullhorn to tell everyone there about the Jeopardy question for crying out loud. Sheesh, people get so bent over the silliest things anymore and will take any opportunity to troll.
    I just hope the whole episode didn’t prove to be discouraging because you really do a fine blog and it would be a shame if some jerks comments bummed you out.

    1. Thanks Dave. The rocket pack and bull horn reference made me laugh so damn hard. No, I’m not going to let a few idiots make me stop. If I ever do it will be because I just lost interest. I guess I just felt the need to say ‘bite me’ collectively, instead of doing it comment by comment.

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