Roller Coaster – Janie Grant

Roller Coaster by Janie Grant

I have decided to post another Janie Grant song. Why? Probably because I am a pseudo-masochist. After about 3 times of listening to it, it becomes obnoxiously irritating.

In a bizarre, alternate universe kind of way, Roller Coaster sounds like a sister song to Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon’s Palisades Park.

Someone needs to tell poor little Janie Grant that it’s pronounced Roller Coaster and NOT Rollie Coaster, which, in my opinion, is fairly commensurate with fingernails on a chalkboard.

Another irritation is the organ accents (sounds like 8th notes played on the calliope setting). Some of the notes just sound wrong. It’s possible they sound wrong because the entire song has a flanger effect (probably due to how it was uploaded).

There is a part in the song where she says, “You’re love is scary, but it’s so much fun”. Metrically, it doesn’t really fit. It almost sounds like she forgot the words and just made some up.


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