Vintage ads ala Bob

That sounds logical


Well, it looks like my plans for the brakes to fail and for you to die a fiery death have been foiled AGAIN.


Except for truckers picking up transvestite hitchhikers.


Yes, I’d like to return this ham.*
*that’s really my chopped-up dead husband


…and then the plane crashed and everybody died.


Just make sure that it didn’t come from the Sandusky yard sale.


It’s so easy that even conjoined triplets can play it.


You’ll always have a home. Well, at least until tornado season.

Strange Vintage Ads

Maybe if she took that stupid thing off of her head she would be more productive. Just sayin’.

Why on earth  would they name candy after an internet nuisance?

Hmmmmm…Somebody got the brake ad mixed up with the blow-up doll ad.

Really mister? Nails? Go ahead. I dare you.

I’m not all that great at Russian, but I think it says, “Look at my super-groovy hat you capitalist pig!

It comes with a free Norman Bates Fan Club membership.

Brain Salt

I don’t speak French, so I don’t know what this is for. Apparently the bottle levitates, though. Cool!

Okay, so one thing that I will NOT do is put Ben-Gay on my ‘peter’. I don’t care HOW bad it aches.

I guess this is where they got the expression “Tired old fag”.

All I can say about this is “Ewwwwwwwwww”!

If this is SO fabulous, then how come I never see it when I’m in Wal Mart?

Actually lady, he likes it because he’s anorexic. Don’t kid yourself.

Well, he’s not really my type, so…

The alliterative pill for ‘honkys’

I totally need this. Especially since I suffer from ‘brain troubles’ and ‘excessive study mania’.

Ghidorah Got a New TV!

Interwoven Esquire Socks w/ Rod Serling (1973)

Raymond Burr for LOF Safety Glass (1958)

Not to be confused with LOL Safety Glass.

Or LMFAO Safety Glass.

Budweiser on NBC – John Wayne

OMG…is this the new iphone 5?

Sure, it LOOKS cool, but can it download crap from itunes?

It looks like Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster got a new tv. Cool.