G.I. Jive

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GI Jive was a 15-minute music program that was produced & broadcast by the US government via the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) radio network. Early shows had a variety of hosts: Frank Nelson, Lester Jay, and popular pin-up girls like Donna Reed were guest DJs.

In 1943, G.I. Jill (Martha Wilkerson) took over behind the mike, and according to the AFRTS Archive blog, GI Jive became the most popular show on AFRS.

Don’t Just Stand There – Patty Duke

Back in the mid 80s I worked as a bartender in a really crappy dive/leather/levi/redneck bar called Lil’s Country Pub. One time the manager asked me to brings some 45s (those are vinyl records) to put in the juke box. This is one of the ones that I put in.
One time somebody played it.
The manager was like, “What the CRAP is this shit”?
“That’s Patty Duke”, I said. “DUHHHHHHHHH”.