What is Rayonism?

What is Rayonism?

Rayonism (or Rayonnism) is a style of abstract art that developed in Russia in 1911.

Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti (22 December 1876 – 2 December 1944) was an Italian poet and editor, the founder of the Futurist movement, and a fascist ideologue.

Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova developed rayonism after hearing a series of lectures about Futurism by Marinetti in Moscow. The Futurists took speed, technology and modernity as their inspiration, depicting the dynamic character of early 20th century life. They glorified war and the machine age, and favoured the growth of Fascism.

The Rayonists sought an art that floated beyond abstraction, outside of time and space, and to break the barriers between the artist and the public. They derived the name from the use of dynamic rays of contrasting color, representing lines of reflected light — crossing of reflected rays from various objects.

At the 1913 Target exhibition they introduced the style to the public. In their literature they described Rayonism as naturally encompassing all existing styles and forms of the art of the past, as they, like life, are simply points of departure for a Rayonist perception and construction of a picture.

Larionov and Goncharova also wrote:

The style of Rayonnist painting that we advance signifies spatial forms which are obtained arising from the intersection of the reflected rays of various objects, and forms chosen by the artist’s will. The ray is depicted provisionally on the surface by a colored line. That which is valuable for the lover of painting finds its maximum expression in a rayonnist picture. The objects that we see in life play no role here, but that which is the essence of painting itself can be shown here best of all–the combination of color, its saturation, the relation of colored masses, depth, texture.

Mikhail Larionov

We do not sense the object with our eye, as it is depicted conventionally in pictures and as a result of following this or that device; in fact, we do not sense the object as such. We perceive a sum of rays proceeding from a source of light; these are reflected from the object and enter our field of vision.
Consequently, if we wish to paint literally what we see, then we must paint the sum of rays reflected from the object. But in order to receive the total sum of rays from the desired object, we must select them deliberately — because together with the rays of the object being perceived, there also fall into our range of vision reflected reflex rays belonging to other nearby objects. Now, if we wish to depict an object exactly as we see it, then we must depict also these reflex rays belonging to other objects — and then we will depict literally what we see …

Natalia Goncharova

Now, if we concern ourselves not with the objects themselves but with the sums of rays from them, we can build a picture in the following way:
The sum of rays from object A intersects the sum of rays from object B; in the space between them a certain form appears, and this is isolated by the artist’s will . . .
Perception, not of the object itself, but of the sum of rays from it, is, by its very nature, much closer to the symbolic surface of the picture than is the object itself. This is almost the same as the mirage which appears in the scorching air of the desert and depicts distant towns, lakes, and oases in the sky (in concrete instances). Rayonism erases the barriers that exist between the picture’s surface and nature.
A ray is depicted provisionally on the surface by a colored line.

Mikhail Larionov- Red Rayonism 1913

10 Stops in a Time Machine. Where Do You Go?

One time somebody asked me:

What 1o places would you go if you had a time machine?

I had to think on it. It’s hard to pick only 10 out of what seems like an infinite amount. I think I finally have my list.

1. Dealey Plaza on the day of the Kennedy assassination.

2. The Armory Show of 1913

3. The basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters the day the Oswald was shot.

4. With van Gogh when he painted The Starry Night

5. Ford’s Theater when Lincoln was shot.

6. Woodstock, so that I could see Jimi Hendrix perform
(I was only 12, so I didn’t get to go)

7. Lakehurst, New Jersey when the Hindenburg caught fire.

8. The Ed Sullivan Show for The Beatles first appearance.

9. On the set of Twenty One when Charles van Doren defeated Herbie Stempel.

10. On the Moon in the Sea of Tranquility on July 20, 1969
(Because I want to know for sure if it really did or didn’t happen)

Your WordPress Gravatar Image – Friend or Foe?

Ugh! I am so sick of looking at my gravatar image that I can’t stand it. Every time that I log onto WordPress, there it is – me in the second grade. Whatever on earth possessed me to use THAT image is beyond me. Seriously, who wants to read a blog that looks like it was possibly written by a 7 year old malcontent. 

Obviously I was pissed off that day. But why? I really have no clue. I can’t remember that far back. It WAS 1964. Maybe it was the day that I found out that there was no S*nt* C*au* (I had to code that. Just in case some little kid is reading this. Doubtful, but possible). Or, maybe it was the day that I got an F on my vocabulary test.

Question: Use the word ‘Altitude’ in a sentence.
My response: The boy’s name is Altitude.

I used to do that a lot during vocabulary test. If I didn’t know the definition of a word I would just make it somebody’s name.

The girl’s name is Determine.
My cat’s name is Photosynthesis.
My mom and her friend, Mrs. Boulevard, went to the store.
My cousin Occasion likes to play with Barbies.

My logic was, “Hey, it’s possible. SOMEBODY could have that name.”

Of course the teacher never bought it. I would always get a big red X next to my answer. She eventually got tired of it and said, “Robert, if you don’t know the answer, just leave it blank”.

Or maybe I was pissed off that day because – yet again- my lunch consisted of  crushed up potato chips. For some reason I always ended up with the potato chip dust that’s in the bottom of potato chip bags.  I would open my Popeye lunch box and there would be a little baggie filled with nothing but potato dust.
I was jealous of my friends. They usually had those individual packages of potato chips. When I told my mom that I wanted the same she  – in lieu of the baggie – put a big rolled-up, dust-filled bag of Lays in my lunchbox. I was not amused.

Or maybe it was the day that I got in trouble for the infamous ‘Yo-Yo incident’. I used to have one of those Duncan Yo-Yos. However, I never used it the way that you are supposed to. I would grab the string and swing it around my head like it was a helicopter blade. My mom would be like, “BOBBY, STOP IT! You’re going to break something”.  And I would be like, “Nuh-uhh”.
Anyway, one day her prediction came true. I was whizzing the Yo-Yo around my head and it slipped out of my hand. It went through the living room window. 

That's not really my dad. That's just how he looked.

My dad was absolutely horrified. I got in MAJOR trouble for that. I mean SUPER-HUGE BIG touble.  My television privileges were revoked.  All of my toys that had the potential to smash plate glass windows were confiscated. All I was left with was some Silly Putty and a broken Slinky.

I still don’t understand the logic of impounding a Spirograph. It’s just a bunch of little plastic gears. What damage can THEY do?

At any rate, for whatever reason, I was obviously pissed that day. The day of the second grade school photo. Who would have thought that 47 years later if would end up as something called a gravatar on a thing called a blog that you get to via a thing called the internet.

I think that the reason for using that picture was to avoid recognition. A few years ago, as I was strolling through Caesar’s Palace, I was recognized by someone who had seen me in a YouTube video that I had uploaded. It was kind of strange. My YouTube videos rarely got hits, so it was very bizarre that one of the people who had actually seen one was in the same place as me.

I suppose that I could have used a picture of a tree or a flower or something as my gravatar image. Or, nothing at all. I’ve noticed that some people do that. IDK. I’m not that much of an expert on the correlation between gravatar images and potential blog readership.

All I know is that I’m sick of my gravatar image, but for some reason, just can’t bring myself to change it.